1 November 2020, Sunday, 0:53
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Belarusians Took Part in the Women's March (Online)

Belarusians Took Part in the Women's March (Online)
PHOTO: tut.by

The action takes place near the Kamarouski market in Minsk.

In Minsk, Belarusians went to the Saturday Women's March. The action began near the Kamarouski market.

The website Charter97.org broadcasts the Women's March online.

16:33 The Women's March is coming to an end. About two thousand girls walked along the capital avenue today. Сharter97.org website ends its online broadcast. See you at the March of 97% tomorrow.

16:24 Video of the day: a detained girl gives flowers to the security forces.

16:20 Girls are chanting "Shame!" to Lukashenka's punishers.

16:07 Detentions began. Some of the girls hid in the courtyards.

16:03 The girls have crossed the road along the carriageway and walk along the other side of Independence Avenue.

15:53 When they reached Victory Square, the women turned around and went in the opposite direction. AMAP is standing in the square.

15:49 Caring Minsk residents brought water to the participants of the Women's March. Meanwhile, the column is already at Victory Square.

15:42 Meanwhile, a large column is moving towards Victory Square.

15:37 The column descended into the passage. The musicians greet the procession with the song "Peremen" ("Changes").

15:33 This is the bright procession of the Women's March.

15.29 A woman with flowers emotionally addresses people: "Let's throw off our captivity, girls!"

15.25 An imposing column goes along Independence Avenue.

15.24 This is what the March looks like now.

15.20 A lot of people went to the March today.

15.19 Creative crowns of the March participants.

15.18 Protesters are chanting: "Go away!" and "You are a rat yourself!"

15.17 The column walked a little along Independence Avenue and, adhering to their usual "female plan," suddenly turned around and went again to Yakub Kolas Square.

15.16 The women are in a continuous stream.

15.13 A column of women is walking along Independence Avenue towards the Academy of Sciences.

15.11 The column grows and goes along Independence Avenue. Cars honk.

15.10 The women gathered near the Impulse shopping center.

15.08 Nina Bahinskaj managed to be released. Now she is located in the area of Victory Square.

15.07 Participants of the action chant: "This is our city!" There are noticeably more people.

15.00 Women walk to Independence Avenue along Kharuzhaj Street and chant "Long live Belarus!"

14.59 Women started marching towards Independence Avenue.

14.54 Women again gather on the square in front of the Kamarouski market.

14.53 Before the arrest, Nina Bahinskaja managed to call for the liberation of Belarus from the impostor.

14:52 Bold Belarusian women fought back the Russian propagandist.

14.51 Drivers who pass by take the girls away from the Kamarouski market building, saving them from detention.

14.50 This is how Nina Bahinskaja beat off the flag from a cowardly anonymous in a balaclava.

14.47 The usurper and Karajeu's fascists were frightened today by these girls.

14.45 This is how the atrocities of the punishers look at the Kamarouski market. But the Belarusians still don't give up!

14.40 Nina Bahinskaja was detained at the Kamarouski market.

14.37 A few more photos of the protesting girls. You are the power!

14.35 This way, the participants of the March declared that "This is our city!"

14.33 Sellers support the protesting girls shouting, "You are a rat!"

14.31 New people join the action.

14:29 With these posters, the girls went to the March today.

14.27 Punishers attack girls.

14.26 This is what the Kamarouski market looks like now

14.24 The girls are chanting: "Nina is our hero!" The girls also addressed the authorities: "You are illegitimate!" and "This is our city."

14.19 Nina Bahinskaja came to the action.

14.15 Participants of the Women's March gather near the restaurant "Lido" on the Kamarouski market.