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"I Didn't Want to Be Part of Evil": Cadet of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Took the Documents After the Action at the Red Church

"I Didn't Want to Be Part of Evil": Cadet of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Took the Documents After the Action at the Red Church

The guy will have to pay a large amount to the university, but this did not stop him from compromising with his conscience.

A former student of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who only this year entered the university, recently took the documents and told katolik.life about the reasons why he did it. The young man wanted to become a lawyer, so he decided to enter the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

- It took a long time to collect documents, went through many commissions - in fact, it is very difficult to enter there. Many as competent, motivated people as I am applied there. But after the course of a young fighter and the beginning of my studies, I had to leave because of several factors. The protests that began after the elections had a great impact on both cadets and officers.

The guy notes that the demonstrations created a lot of tension:

- The cadets have limited access to gadgets, but, still, the information came through, and everyone knew about what was happening on the streets. I read the Human Rights report on beatings and torture by the security forces. It didn't fit in my head. At the Academy, we were taught that the dignity of a person, the observance of his rights should be in the foreground ... On one of the days of the protests, I found myself near the Red Church in Minsk and saw how the rally was being dispersed. I don't know who it was - I didn't see any identification marks - but they were definitely members of the security forces. I saw how the peaceful demonstrators first stood, then lay, were dragged and beaten. I did not participate in this, but if I am in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it means that we are all responsible for each other, we are all one with those who participated in the violence. I didn't want to be part of this evil.

The third reason why the cadet decided to write a report is the ban on entry to Belarus for Archbishop Tadedush Kandrusievich:

- I am a believing Catholic, and I was very offended by such an attitude towards the archbishop and the church. The fact that the hierarch's passport was declared invalid and was not allowed into the country, I consider a great violation of the law, I cannot put up with it.

However, if a cadet of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs takes the documents, he is obliged to pay the university a large amount - for food, uniforms, accommodation:

- Only after the first course, this amount is about 15-20 thousand rubles. You can imagine how much you have to pay those who want to leave the third or fourth year - unaffordable money. And this, of course, is a big deterrent for those who do not want to compromise with their conscience, but cannot pay that kind of money. Nevertheless, several more cadets also took their documents - I don't know exactly for what reasons.

The young man has already gotten a job in the field of his first degree and hopes that in parts, in three or four months, he will pay off the university. The former cadet notes that he did not hear any negativity about the protesters at the Academy:

- There was no hatred, no condemnation. Everyone understands that people have the right to peacefully express their opinions.