26 October 2020, Monday, 1:58
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

March Of 97% Held All Over Belarus (Online)

March Of 97% Held All Over Belarus (Online)

Over 100 thousand people took to the streets in Minsk.

Today is the 50th day of the Belarusian Revolution. People are protesting all over the country.

The Charter97.org website was covering the protests online.

21:50 Minsk microdistricts came to the March under their flags, which have become a symbol of the daily struggle for freedom.

21:04 Minskers came to the March of 97% with creative posters.

20:55 Another funny poster at the protest march in the capital.

20:48 The aesthetics of the March of 97% in Minsk. Blues and drums!

20:40 The flash mob continues! A car with a white-red-white flag pursues a column of military vehicles. We remind that earlier Belarusians with national flags trolled riot police and water cannons.

20:37 Another popular protest slogan in Minsk.

20:29 The driver of the Minsk bus “gives high five” to the protesters.

20:24 Estimate the scale of the March in Minsk yourself.

20:23 Participants of the March of 97% in Minsk said hello to Khabarovsk.

20:13 Look at the posters with which the inhabitants of Minsk came to the March.


20:09 One hundred thousand protesters on Minsk streets!

20:08 A protest procession was also held in Zhodzina today.

20:00 Check out the scale of the March of 97% in Minsk!

19:47 Brest today!

19:29 The passengers of the Minsk bus are greeting the protesters.

19:24 In the metro, a crowd of people chants: “Lukashenka to a paddy wagon!” and “Long Live Belarus”

19:22 Drivers supported the protesters today.

19:12 After the end of the protest action, pinpoint detentions began.

19:03 The column of protesters in Uruchcha, Minsk.

18:57 A column of protesters began to disperse in the Uruchcha metro station area. The people are chanting “Every day!”

18:55 A woman came out to the protesters in Minsk and handed them apples.

18:51 It is raining heavily in Minsk. However, people continue the action!

18:45 Raise our flag higher! Photos from the action in Minsk.

18:42 A pinata, Belarusian style! A Lukashenka doll was hung on the pole, and anyone who wanted to could beat it.

18:36 During the procession along the avenue in Minsk, people lit flashlights on their mobile phones.

18:35 The column in Minsk continues to move. People are between the Uskhod and Barysauski Tract metro stations.

18:27 Remember this old guy from Brest from the famous photo with a riot policeman? Today he has taken to the March!

18:24 Lukashenka's flags near the National Library were replaced with white-red-white ones.

18:20 The column of Minsk residents at the Dana Mall. The March of 97% was successful!

18:16 Mass media report about white-red-white flags on the roof of the National Library in Minsk.

18:14 The March in Kobryn. As you can see, the weather has not in any way affected the desire of the people to be free.

18:05 Athletes have traditionally participated in the traditional procession in Minsk. “The people are the champions!”

18:04 It is reported that the column is currently passing the National Library and continues to move towards Uruchcha.

17:57 A white-red-white flag on a lamppost in Minsk.

17:53 Doctors at the March of 97% in Minsk.

17:49 Meanwhile, a column of protesters in Minsk has reached Chalyuskintsau Park.

17:45 New photos from the March of 97% in Minsk. Just a sea of people on the avenue!

17:42 A big procession through the streets of Salihorsk today!

17:34 See how the protesters in Minsk let the ambulance pass.

17:29 The atmosphere inside the column. Mass media report that more than 100 thousand people took to the streets of Minsk today.

17:24 The protesters on Independence Avenue in Minsk. We can say that the number of participants in the action is comparable to the previous weekend. And this is despite the bad weather!

17:23 Skidel says hello to Minsk!

17:17 In Homel, a guy ran away from a paddy wagon and hoodwinked the riot police.

17:09 Creativity from the participants of the March of 97%.

17:05 In Lida, protesters are beating off their comrades from the bandits in uniform.

17:03 Meanwhile, it has stopped raining in Minsk. People are approaching Independence Avenue.

17:02 Zhabinka’s at the March. “Minsk, we are with you!”

16:54 An incredible timelapse! Dozens and dozerns of thousands of people are walking along Minsk Avenue!

16:51 Minsk March is moving towards Independence Avenue.

16:42 A stream of people on the streets of the protest Minsk.

16:37 The March participants are being encouraged by the people from the windows all the way.

16:33 Bright performance of drummers in Minsk.

16:29 In Homel, riot police sprayed gas in a woman's face. Shots are heard.

16:28 Drummers are marching in a column of protesters in Minsk. Loud and atmospheric!

16:27 Protest actions in Minsk - in faces.

16:23 See what the March of 97% looks like in Minsk!

16:17 The protesters in Minsk have reminded the Minsk riot police about the fate of their Polish “colleagues”.

16:15 The March in Baranavichy! Marches are held throughout the country.

16:14 “United we stand, divided we fall!” the media reports that the March has already gatehred over 50 thousand people. And this is despite the bad weather.

16:06 In Minsk, the people walking at the head of the column formed a coupling.

16:05 “Strike!”: In Zhodzina, the protesters call to stop the factories.

16:04 In Homel, the police attacked protesters. The people were standing in coupling. Tear gas was used.

16:00 The head of the March column in Minsk has almost reached the White Tower, the tail remains at the Heroes Obelisk. The protesters have occupied the roadway and moved towards Victory Square.

15:55 Dozens of thousands of protesters have moved from the Heroes Obelisk along Masherau Avenue towards Independence Avenue.

15:47 In Brest, people have also taken to the streets in protest.

15.43 Dozens of thousands of participants in the March of 97% are already at the Heroes Obelisk.

15.33 In Hrodna, the townspeople have recaptured the protester from the cops.

15.30 The atmosphere at the Heroes Obelisk right now. More and more people are flocking here every minute!

15.29 There are more and more people at the Heroes Obelisk in Minsk every minute!

15.27 Accelerated video of tens of thousands of people gathering near the Heroes Obelisk.

15.26 Homel is walking in a single column.

15.25 Another endless column of people is heading towards the Heroes Obelisk.

15:23 Thousands of people have already gathered near the Heroes Obelisk, but the streams of people do not stop even at these moments.

15.22 The march is also taking place in Baranavichy.

15.21 A huge column is walking along Kakhouskaya Street in Minsk.

15.20 Hundreds of people have come to the March in Zhodzina!

15.19 A lot of people have come out in Zhabinka.

15.18 Another powerful video of the March near the Heroes Obelisk.

15.17 A human Sea at the Heroes Obelisk. A shot from a live broadcast of Present Time.

15:16 Dozens of thousands of people at the Heroes Obelisk. A panoramic photo.

15.15 People are taking to the avenue near the Heroes Obelisk.

15.14 Minsk. A column of protesters is walking along the carriageway of Melnikayte Street.

15.13 The marching Kobryn.

15.11 The Heroes Obelisk right like now.

15.10 Minsk. A column of people is walking along Krapotkin Street towards the Heroes Obelisk. Protesters living in the area of Kamarouski market, Arlouka, Shevchenko boulevard have gathered here. They are chanting “Long live Belarus!”, waving their white-red-white flags.

15.08 A column of people is walking along Zaslauskaya Street in Minsk.

15.07 Minskers continue to flock to the Heroes Obelisk.

15.05 Dozens of thousands of people have already gathered near the Heroes Obelisk.

15.04 People are marching in Mahiliou.

15.04 Homel has taken to the March!

15.03 Minsk. That's how many people are at the Heroes Obelisk now!

15.02 A stunning procession is taking place at these minutes in Zhodzina.

15.01 There are more and more people near the Heroes Obelisk!

14.59 Salihorsk is out for a mass procession.

14.58 Near the Heroes Obelisk there are already thousands of Minsk residents. People have come onto the roadway.

14.57 “Rise, our great country!”

14.56 Residents of Babruisk are marching to the music!

14.55 Minsk residents are marching to the center in columns from different parts of the city.

14.54 A large column of protesters is marching from Pushkinskaya to the center of Minsk.

14.53 Nina Bahinskaya with a new flag is leading the column along Independence Avenue in Minsk.

14.52 The March in Babruisk. People are walking along Socialist Street.

14.49 Kobryn’s at the march.

14.48 In Zhodzina, the column is marching through the city.

14.47 In Hrodna, people are coming despite the rain.

14.46 Alive legend Nina Bahinskaya has come to the March in Minsk.

14.45 The action in Babruisk is vivid!

14.44 A column of Babruisk protesters has started marching down Socialist Street.

14.43 Minsk. People have gathered at the Yubileinaya Hotel and the House of Trade Unions on Melnikayte Street.

14.42 In Hrodna, people start gathering for the 97% March.

14.41 In Zhodzina, people have gathered near the “Green” mall.

14.39 In Minsk, people continue to walk towards the Heroes Obelisk.

14.38 In Zhodzina, a lot of people have taken to the March.

14.36 Navahradak goes out into the street.

14.34 People have gathered near the Yubileynaya hotel in Minsk. The stream is moving towards the Heroes Obelisk.

14.32 Kobryn people are at the March.

14.29 Residents of Babruisk are taking part in a protest.

14.27 Minskers with white-red-white flags are gathering on Niamiha.

14.08 Residents of the Alshanka microdistrict in Hrodna are marching through the city.