20 October 2021, Wednesday, 22:01
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“At a Certain Point, the Cylinders Were Mixed Up”: A Wave of “Oxygen Emergency” Swept Through the Belarusian COVID Hospitals

“At a Certain Point, the Cylinders Were Mixed Up”: A Wave of “Oxygen Emergency” Swept Through the Belarusian COVID Hospitals
Illustration Photo: Ria News

Shocking facts from Minsk and Hrodna.

The White Coats Telegram channel published the latest coronavirus news about the pandemic in Belarus, told by hospital staff:

- The Vitsebsk Regional Clinical Specialized Center has been working to receive coronavirus patients since Saturday, 9.10. On Saturday, the center received 132 patients, on Sunday - 120 more. Three days after the start of work, the hospital has run out of available beds. Beds for COVID oxygen-dependent patients are placed even in operating rooms, beds for patients who do not require oxygen are installed in classrooms and staff rooms. Yesterday, when the Ministry of Health announced +15 deaths in the republic, only in the Vitsebsk Regional Clinical Specialized Center 5 patients with coronavirus infection died.

In the regional hospital in the city of Vitsebsk, patients also lie not only in the wards and on the corridors but also in the resident's rooms. Doctors write case histories in the wards, next to patients.

Problems with oxygen supply happened in the 6th City Clinical Hospital of Minsk yesterday. The pressure in the oxygen supply system dropped, and, therefore, the oxygen supply was interrupted for some time. Some ARC patients are reported to have worsened since then. Yesterday before the episode with a drop in pressure in the 6th City Clinical Hospital of Minsk, 4 patients died, but it cannot be ruled out that today the death toll in connection with the incident will be higher. Some pregnant patients with coronavirus who were in ARC were transferred to the Minsk Scientific and Practical

Center of Surgery, Transplantology

and Hematology. Due to problems in the oxygen supply system, there are ventilators. There are many patients, they occupy wards and corridors, most of them are oxygen-dependent.

It is also reported that an oxygen emergency happened in the Hrodna city hospital in the period from 8 to 10 October. When unloading oxygen cylinders, the labor of volunteers was used and, at a certain moment, the oxygen cylinders were confused: instead of full cylinders, empty ones were connected. On the day of the emergency, 4 oxygen-dependent patients died in the hospital.

The information came from the intensive care unit of the Children's Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital in the city of Minsk. It is reported that there were no vaccinated patients among the patients on the ventilator.

In the small town of Khoiniki in the Homel region, the situation with the coronavirus is no less catastrophic. Residents report that this city has long been a "black coven leader" in the region. Only yesterday, there were at least five deaths from coronavirus infection and, since the beginning of the 4th wave, there has not been a day without deaths from covid. People have been waiting in line for outpatient medical appointments since early morning and can get out around 5 or 6 p.m. There are no places in hospitals for coronavirus patients. Ambulance workers warn at once: hospitalization is in Loyeva - the hospital is 70 km from Khoiniki. Earlier, serious patients were hospitalized in Brahin, which is 30 km from Khoiniki, but Brahin hospital was quickly "filled up." Oxygen problems are also acute for Khoiniki, dozens of oxygen cylinders are brought to the hospital every day, but there are not enough to meet the needs of the patients.

Doctors from Pleshchanitsy were sent to Lahoysk, where there is now a very large shortage of doctors. In the urban village of Pleshchanitsy, the infectious diseases department in the 2nd district hospital was closed, and doctors were sent to Lahoysk. Unfortunately, they did not bother to provide special transport for those who save lives, and the doctors had to get there by bus.

10th City Clinical Hospital of Minsk. There are no places, neither with oxygen nor simply beds for oxygen-dependent patients. Patients with a saturation of 88-90 simply lie in the prone position, since there is no oxygen bed for them. Resuscitation can no longer allocate additional beds, it takes new patients either for exchange (transfer of a patient to a general ward and hospitalization of a new patient in intensive care) or after the death of an intensive care patient. Over the past two days, there are 18 deaths in the hospital: only 1 of them with a dubious diagnosis and 17 with an established COVID.

It became known that a tragedy occurred in the 6th hospital in Minsk: a woman in labor died of complications from COVID. The child survived, but severe COVID took his mother's life.

Whether this tragedy is connected with interruptions in the supply of oxygen in the hospital is being clarified.