2 December 2021, Thursday, 9:58
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'Doctor Shouted To Colleague: No Room In Morgue, We'll Store Them Outside So

'Doctor Shouted To Colleague: No Room In Morgue, We'll Store Them Outside So

Residents of the Vitsebsk region revealed the truth about the situation with COVID-19 in the region.

The Telegram channel COVID-19 BY published shocking information about mortality from COVID-19 in the Vitsebsk region:

“The lack of places in the morgue in the Vitsebsk emergency hospital seems to be true. 10 days ago, they brought my dad there and themselves heard some doctor shouting to another that there were no places in the morgue, and soon they’ll store dead bodies outside.

Mom is in another hospital. She said that the dead were taken out of the intensive care unit every day ... “

“... Yesterday they took a dead body from the morgue, they had to walk right over dead bodies! Everyone is in black bags and with tags, it is not clear who is in the bag, is not allowed to be revealed. Ritual services are overloaded, sometimes they do not even pick up the phone.”

“... A man in the emergency hospital died from COVID, he was about 60 years old. There is a place in the fence on Mazuryna. The next day we went to negotiate with those who are digging graves. They say it’s impossible, we have to dig 17 graves the next day. .. And in a day we dig 12 ... We cannot take you in any way. Moreover, they used to dig and buried until lunchtime, now they are already working on the second shift.

Well, well ... we agreed to bury in Kaptsy...

We came to pick up the body from the morguen of the emergency hospital ... And there, outside, around the morgue there are corpses lying on gurneys, 12 corpses ... The employee says there is no room in the morgue, like, they have 15 refrigerators, put 2 bodies on top of each other .. .30 people do not fit ...

The ritual hall was closed, the bodies are piled in the ritual hall in twos ... on top of each other ... two, then two across, and again two across so that they don't fall apart.

The nurse said that she had come from the night shift ... during the night there were 8 corpses in her department ... And how many departments are there in the emergency hospital ?! "