2 December 2021, Thursday, 6:58
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Lukashenka Era Is Coming To End

Lukashenka Era Is Coming To End

The dictator has lost.

The EU does not hide its satisfaction at the looming victory in the migration episode of the "hybrid war". Lukashenka has floundered and will be punished with new sanctions. He has not been invited to the negotiating table and his demands have not been met - and this despite the shadow of the Kremlin looming over the back of the Belarusian dictator.

Through its combined efforts, persistence, and political cunning, the EU has taught Lukashenka a lesson that should become a cautionary example for other dictators who intend to try their luck in the "migration lottery".

The dictator has lost, and this sensitive defeat most likely puts an end to his overture with the West, and once again confirms that the Lukashenka era is inevitably coming to an end.

Aliaksandr Frydman, Telegram