28 November 2021, Sunday, 19:54
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Kremlin Traps Lukashenka

Kremlin Traps Lukashenka
Photo: TASS

Inadequate dictator faces the language of sanctions and ultimatums.

The Kremlin has driven the Lukashenka junta into a trap. If before the November events the Kremlin and the junta were invited to the negotiating table, which proudly refused with an eye on the Kremlin, now only the Kremlin will be invited. The holders of dubious "legitimacy" will solve the migration crisis at the expert level, says the Nick and Mike Telegram channel.

And an interview with the BBC has finally convinced the latter's potential interlocutors that the blue-fingered man is very sick. Such people are not welcome in a decent society. There is nothing to talk about without haloperidol. There is no point in talking with haloperidol. There is only sanctions pressure. Poland's example with the "ultimatum" is the best proof.

On the second track - the Kremlin will find a way to talk to the democratic forces. We will not reveal the details, but the pilot versions are on their way.

The junta has only the third track left - on its own. And there is a fourth one just around the corner - with the prosecutors of the tribunal.

The key to participation is an active position and action within the country. Impact on the situation and minds.

The time for active reconnaissance of the positions is until the twentieth of December when everyone begins to get involved in the Christmas and New Year rush.

The junta, on the other hand, believes that in winter it is worth expecting aggravation on the Russian-Ukrainian front and then, as usual, "between the streams". In the meantime, it can get busy with the trifle things if it is good with geopolitics only in its poor mind.