19 January 2022, Wednesday, 5:27
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More Attacks On Polish Border: Belarusian Special Services Men Becoming More Aggressive

More Attacks On Polish Border: Belarusian Special Services Men Becoming More Aggressive

(Updated) The Poles prevented 125 invasion attempts overnight.

Lukashenka's regime continues provocations on the Belarusian-Polish border.

Polish border guards reported 125 attempts to break through from Belarus. In the area of Dubiczy Cerkiewny and Mielnik, two serious assaults on the Polish border, organized by the Belarusian security forces, were repulsed. International analytical publications note that Lukashenka's special services are starting to act more and more aggressively on the border with Poland.

The Charter97.org website has collected the main news about what is happening on the border of Belarus and Poland.

13:39 The rations of migrants in Bruzgi were compared to the nutrition of Belarusian children in hospitals.

One video shows the daily diet of migrants in a camp set up for attacks on Polish territory at the Bruzgi logistics center.

Another - the daily norm in a children’s hospital in Baranavichy.

13:23 Night attacks on the Polish border: Belarusian special services have changed their tactics.

Groups of migrants, several dozen people each, attacked the Polish border at night in the area of Dubiczy Cerkiewny and Mielnik in Podlasie.

“The groups of attacking foreigners were not as numerous as in recent days,” said Anna Michalskaya, spokesperson for the Polish Border Guard Service. The attacks took place under the supervision of Belarusian border guards.

“The attackers cut the barbed wire, threw a bridge of logs and planks, and then began to enter Polish territory. This entire action was monitored and recorded by the Belarusian services,” the spokeswoman for the Polish Border Service emphasized.

12:32 The flow of illegal immigrants to Lithuania from Belarus has grown sharply.

According to the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service, last day, from midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday, border guards did not allow 108 migrants who tried to get into Lithuania from Belarus in unidentified places.

10:48 The migrants tried to illegally cross the border of Poland from Belarus 125 times during the day. They acted under the leadership and with the help of the Belarusian security forces.

The most fierce assaults took place at night near Dubiczy Cerkiewny and Mielnik.

10:24 The Polish security forces repulsed a night attack by migrants near Starzyna.

Several dozen police officers were sent to help the border guards.

09:21 Representatives of the police special forces from Warsaw and Wroclaw lifted the veil of secrecy off their activities, which they are carrying out to help border guards on the territory of Hajnowski powiat on the border with Belarus.