18 January 2022, Tuesday, 8:07
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

"Lukashenka Is Broken Gramophone Record"

"Lukashenka Is Broken Gramophone Record"

It's time to impose an embargo on all trade with the regime and its "wallets."

The U.S. and the EU have introduced a new package of sanctions against the Belarusian regime. They concern the state debt, the Belarusian officials - the frontier guards and the judges, as well as several state-owned enterprises, including Hrodna Azot and Belarusnauta. On December 8, old Washington sanctions against Belaruskali come into force.

How will the new European and U.S. sanctions affect the dictatorship? The Charter97.org website has examined what readers think about it:

"Lukashenka is now in a state of 'ask whatever you want, Putin,' just don't take away my power. The Russians are humiliating Cockroach a lot right now. And they made him say things about the Crimea, too. Maybe the Kremlin would have already stopped to humiliate us Belarusians with such a ruler, but sanctions cannot be stopped. Cockroach is done, the broken gramophone record. There's no way back. The Kremlin can't manage Cockroach's power without the West, not those kind of finances. They will remove him".

"The actions of the Kremlin dwarf in supporting the Potato Moose are becoming obvious. He is trivially looking at what will happen to him, by the example of a cobbler from the vicinity of Shklou. The harsher the pressure on the blue-fingered one, the more obvious the collapse of the Kremlin's OCG represented by its leader".

"And it's all about one man, whom, if removed, then everything will immediately improve in the economy, politics and the very life of the Belarusians."

"The sanctions "cancel" the circulation of currency in Belarus. Deposits of individuals and legal entities in foreign currency will be frozen. Wait for the traditional gift decree and enjoy the New Year present on January 1, 2022!"

"Borrowing will come from the foreign currency accounts of common Belarusians who are playing Russian roulette with an impostor."

"Close the border with Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. Smuggling is ruined. The regime is dead."

"I wonder, if all the 'enemy' things that the supporters of Lukashenka use are taken away from them, how long will it take them to figure out who the real enemy of our homeland is?"

"The only way to defeat the dictator is to deprive him of his money supply. Sanctions against the economy. Stop buying potash, oil, refuse transit."

"Say thank you for your support, and then do it yourself - stop the potash, oil, iron, energy, etc. with a strike. No one but you will do your job for you".

"Bravo! Please hurry up with the sixth and subsequent sanction packages. It's a paradox, but the more sanctions, the sooner the Belarusians will be free".

"It's high time for the Lukashists to realize that if the whole world is turning against them, maybe it's not about the whole world, but about them."

"In a good way, we Belarusians must help Europe get rid of the mentally unstable criminal, because it is about the life and death of each of us. How long can we be a submissive herd!"

"We need more than just sanctions. It's time for an embargo on all trade with the regime and its wallets."

"The next list should include all law enforcers, judges, the Luka government and their family members as banned from travelling abroad and under sanctions. There should be no North Korea in the center of Europe, despite all the Kremlin's efforts to support illegitimate (not elected by the people of Belarus) 3% Luka! Putin has spoken out about negotiations with the opposition, this is an acceptable option."

"It is necessary to adopt the kind of sanctions from which there will be certain results. And there are such possibilities... As opposed to political will. And there must necessarily be understanding and compassion for those who are languishing in prisons just because they are honest and courageous."

"Almost a thousand political prisoners and only 17 vile corrupt lackeys sanctioned... Don't they have the facts and specific names? Those 'judges and prosecutors' alone are known in plenty with their names and addresses!"

"Specifically these sanctions are very important. They show the whole world the essence of the migration crisis, who caused it, who is to blame. They pull the carpet away from under feet of the regime and kremlin propaganda. Another impostor's crime has been "exposed" officially".

"People of high rank of the European Union and NATO countries discuss the bandit and the murderer from Belarus! Recognize this scoundrel as an international terrorist and apply to him the methods of struggle that are used to such bandits. And the world will immediately become quieter!

"Do you remember, the blue-fingered one has made public a list of 850 people of his "golden stock" of manpower. All of them should go there. One thing is clear - the worse it is for the scum, the faster the regime will fall and the less people will suffer," say the readers of the Charter97.org website.