23 April 2021, Friday, 17:15
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Belarusians Celebrate Freedom Day

Belarusians Celebrate Freedom Day

White-red-white flags all over Belarus, and the honking Minsk.

Today Belarusians celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People's Republic.

The website Charter97.org covered the events related to the Freedom Day celebration live.

19:05 Drivers also honk in protest near the Minsk GUM.

18:59 People walk with flags in the area of the Malinauka metro station. The drivers honk in support.

18:54 People greet drivers honking in protest.

18:53 Freedom Day is also celebrated in schools today.

18:48 Residents of the Minsk Square of Changes came out with white and red balloons.

18:46 Minsk is buzzing in solidarity and protest.

18:32 A brave resident of Hrodna is with a white-red-white flag on the roof of the house.

18:27 MEPs unfurled a huge flag in support of Belarus.

17:58 Residents of Baranavichy marched in different parts of the city.

17:50 The flag of freedom was raised over the BSMU!

17:43 Nina Bahinskaya with a flag went to October Square in Minsk.

17:42 Minsk residents came out to protest on Dziarzhynskaha Avenue.

17:35 Czech Foreign Minister Tomasz Petřicek congratulated the Belarusian people on Freedom Day. He stressed that the Czech Republic is ready to help those who seek a democratic future for Belarus.

17:33 Bicycle plant and Tractor plant went to the march in honor of Freedom Day in Minsk.

16:40 On March 25, BSTU students creatively congratulate everyone on Freedom Day.

16:38 Belarusians from the USA and Canada congratulate their compatriots on Freedom Day.

15:59 Residents of Novaya Baravaya congratulated Belarusians on Freedom Day!

15:13 BSEU students displayed white-red-white flags right in the center of Minsk, in the 4th and 5th academic buildings.

15:10 Belarusians in Moscow recorded a touching congratulation on Freedom Day.

14:43 Belarusian students carry out creative rallies on Freedom Day.

14:42 One of the offices in Minsk took a break to remind us what day it is.

14:37 The striking miners of Salihorsk congratulated free Belarusians on the holiday.

14:28 Today Belarus is simply filled with national symbols. Partisans are holding rallies in all cities!

14:00 Residents of Kopishcha launched entire white-red-white squadrons for Freedom Day.

13:57 Moscow motorists from Novaya Baravaya and Loshytsa shot a beautiful video for Freedom Day.

13:42 The collection points for Freedom Day in Minsk have been named. The leaders of the protest courtyards urged Minsk residents to come at 17:00 to the areas of the Academy of Sciences and GUM.

13:31 The Belarusians of Cyprus held a rally and congratulated their fellow countrymen on Freedom Day.

13:28 The partisans held a daring rally at Hrodna Azot on Freedom Day.

13:15 “We will win!”: Belarusians are preparing to enter the central streets on Freedom Day, at 17.00.

13:06 Homel partisans congratulated Belarusians on the holiday.

13:04 Today white-red-white flags on balloons are being launched all over Minsk. Awesome flash mob!

12:58 National flags appeared on the streets in ancient Navahrudak.

12:43 Residents of the Square of Changes recorded a very touching video about their preparations for Freedom Day. “Today, at 17:00, we meet on the central streets and squares,” the video reminds.

12:40 People's Deputy of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharenko congratulated Belarusians on Freedom Day.

12:38 A worker from England supported the Belarusians celebrating Freedom Day.

12:36 A touching video with white-red-white Minsk on Freedom Day appeared. Belarusians win both in the air and on the ground!

12:33 Belarusians are preparing to take to the streets tonight, at 17.00!

12:32 In Navapolatsk, a national flag with a height of six floors was hung!

12:28 Residents of the Yubileika micro-district went to the rally and addressed the striking workers of Hrodna Azot.

12:16 The Consulate General of Belarus in Bialystok was decorated with white-red-white flags.

12:13 In Vilnius, a really huge white-red-white flag was hoisted right in front of the embassy of Belarus. It's four stories high!

12:11 Lokomotive depot Minsk congratulated Belarusians on the holiday.

12:10 Preparation for the evening in Minsk: Minsk region, Barysau, Dziarzhynsk, Mahilou, Vileika, and Minsk Velozavod took part in the rally.

12:03 Belarusians are preparing to go out to the central streets of their cities today at 17.00.

11:57 Tatstsiana Seviarynets congratulated Belarusians on Freedom Day with a poem by Ryhor Baradulin.

11:45 Rallies in honor of Freedom Day were held in Vitsebsk, Khatsezhyna, Barysau, and Vileika.

11:44 Today has become a record this year for the number of national symbols in Belarusian cities.

11:43 The female collective of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise Maladzechnavodakanal congratulated incredible Belarusians on Freedom Day!

11:42 Marharyta Leuchuk and Andrei Pauk recorded the song "You are my hero!" and congratulated Belarusians on Freedom Day.

11:41 25 Sakavika ("March 25") street appeared in Minsk!

11:39 The Belarusians of Japan held a rally in honor of Freedom Day near the Belarusian Embassy in Tokyo. “We demand an end to the violence, the release of political prisoners, Lukashenka's resignation!” the protesters said.

11:37 Belarusian partisans came up with many beautiful ideas for the holiday. Lukashists are simply at a loss.

11:30 A huge national flag appeared in the very center of Hrodna.

11:29 Huge white-red-white flags appeared on high-rise buildings in Navapolatsk and Vitsebsk, and Freedom pigeons flew to Hrodna.

11:28 Minsk residents presented the national flag to Marat Kazei, known for his feat in the fight against the fascist invaders.

11:26 In honor of Freedom Day, Minsk residents raised a white-red-white flag straight into the sky.

11:24 Residents of Minsk, Brest, and Hrodna decorate their cities in national colors.

11:23 Minsk residents recorded original video postcards for Freedom Day.

11:22 The US State Department congratulated Belarusians on Freedom Day. “Today, when Belarusians celebrate Freedom Day, we share their hopes for a democratic future of Belarus and are in solidarity with them,” the State Department spokeswoman said.

11:20 Participants of the 1989 Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia shared their memories and congratulated Belarusians on Freedom Day.

11:17 A white-red-white flag was raised over the building in Lebiadziny.

11:16 Minsk residents decorated their entrance with a huge Pahonia in honor of Freedom Day.

9:59 A white Mercedes with a huge national flag is driving around Minsk today.

9:37 The head of the BNR Rada Ivonka Survila congratulated Belarusians on Freedom Day.

9:29 Lyavon Volski has released a new album "Tribunal" for Freedom Day.

8:59 Belarusians from different cities of the country have been holding protest rallies in honor of Freedom Day since the early morning. There are rallies in Radashkovichy, Minsk Sharyki, Stsikleva, Svetlahorsk, Zhabinka, Kobryn, and Barysava (Kobryn district).

8:38 Huge white-red-white flags appeared over many houses in Minsk. Minsk residents celebrate Freedom Day.

8:16 Yesterday at 11:34 pm, Minsk residents congratulated each other on the onset of Freedom Day with powerful fireworks. Fireworks thundered in at least 15-20 points in Minsk, in all regions - from Loshytsa to Kamennaya Horka.