23 April 2021, Friday, 17:45
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Self-Exposure of the Offender: Karaeu's Speech to Be Used at the Hague Tribunal

Self-Exposure of the Offender: Karaeu's Speech to Be Used at the Hague Tribunal
Yury Karaeu
Photo: Nasha Niva

We will not forget, we will not forgive!

The BYPOL initiative has published an audio recording of the speech of the former Interior Minister Yury Karaeu during his farewell speech to the GUBOPiK.

The transcript of the audio recording is given by Salidarnasts:

- We have not guessed in many ways. We really are, as everyone says: the generals are preparing for the old war, preparing for the same as in 2010. This is a mistake. Both the troops and the AMAP were preparing for this.

Life has shown something completely different: life has shown that all those squares, their dispersal, and that's all, you can leave - it's no longer like that. The enemy is different: he is more maneuverable, he simultaneously hits in all places. And not only in the place, but also in the subject matter, and mostly in the information space. He pulls us apart in time, in factories, in universities. And now you had the strength for everything.

And I will say this: these are the first four days, when the “attack” groups, about which Lukashenka already knows, together with the AMAP and internal troops saved the country. They transferred this into a more protracted but still calmer channel, where we had the opportunity to think. Already to plan and not just fight back. Already to attack ourselves and, in the end, to begin the direct capture there: preventive or at the expense, or on time but also to pursuit the enemy.

That's how it is in Chechnya, yes. While large masses of soldiers there, acting in brigades, fought off small bites from enemy snipers and grenade launchers, everything was going in the wrong direction. As soon as spetsnaz groups of 15 people began to find militants in their camps, yes, and the ground under their feet caught fire. Their native land, by the way. And Russian soldiers chased them on their own land. Only not soldiers, but special forces like you. And then they were able to turn the tide of the Chechen war.

And here we have the same. We have already begun to enter their territory, we have already begun to persecute them, and we are already pursuing them with the rest of the national security bodies - the committee, the army, the border troops. And they are already running from us.

The more I think about all this (inaudible - ed.) ...

Further, Karaeu says in an insulting way about the Belarusian people:

- ... and dull, and narrow-minded for the most part. That's right they say: "fat philistines." They are never for anyone. They are in favor of a better and even quieter life for them. They do not see more than five meters around them. They, b... ch, do not read. Their needs are limited by their personal well-being.

Then they start thinking out of boredom what the country could be. They lend themselves very easily to outside influence when ready-made conclusions are presented to them by journalists and political scientists, telegram channels.

They themselves do not always know how to analyze or think. They are not sovereign people! And you and I are sovereigns who are working to provide for this population - His Majesty the philistine. They are not grateful to us. They will be grateful when they lose us and when they lose weight to the bone and remember what the country was. Or maybe they will analyze who chose it.

I just want to give them a try. Well, b...ches, eat it! But then you can't get anything back! We have no right to give them a try to compare, as it could be.

Thanks again! Pursue those who threaten you and me, officials. Well, and especially if you: drop everything and find this creature and take it away! (In the recording, the last word does not sound very clear, therefore, in different sources they write “kill” - ed.). Here is my instruction for you.