16 May 2021, Sunday, 21:09
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State Merry-Go-Round & Minsk Dairy Plant

State Merry-Go-Round & Minsk Dairy Plant

A million Belarusians will leave the country for three months - upon their return they will be greeted with an orchestra.

The growth of the economy in recent years has been “production for the sake of production” and did not affect the welfare of citizens in any way. This is stated in an article published, surprisingly, in the official publication of the National Bank, Bankovskiy Vestnik. That is, among economists loyal to the authorities, the understanding is growing more and more clearly that imitation of activity, the illusion of development in the economy will not lead to anything good, writes Solidarity.

- I would very much like the “riot police economy” to be told that it was harmful, to admit mistakes and stop making mess. But, unfortunately, this will not happen, - said the director of the management company “Prosto” Aliaksandr Malashka on Primus. - Now, from the point of view of the “upper class”, it is necessary to bend the situation so that the “lower classes” have a proper understanding that they are wrong.

How many people must oppose this imitation of violent activity to make it stop? I liked the state merry-go-round in recent weeks. Someone above said: we have no irreplaceable ones, if you don't like it, go away.

First, the dairy plant makes a decision to shift all its mistakes and flaws to the labor collective - let's sign an agreement on collective liability. Dozens of people resigned and left the plant.

And then the regional executive committee started fussing around- it turned out that there was no one to work, the city might be left without provisions ... They begin to persuade, please come back. Here it is, the “merry-go-round” in action: some smart pants on the top came up with the idea that we don't need anything, someone below demonstrated how it works, and then the executive committee runs around and persuades us to return.

It’s the same in medicine: a project is being developed now on how to attract doctors back. Exactly the same “merry-go-round”, the wheel of Samsara. And no matter how many times they say in the Ministry of Health that 250 doctors leave Belarus a year, and 2.7-2.8 thousand graduate, but in our country 85% of university graduates never work in their specialty, so vacancies are closed in no way.

That is, it is necessary for the people to get tired of all this at a particular enterprise, they need to gather and say: “Well, since you do not need us, we are leaving”. And everything will immediately fall into place.

... A million and a half Belarusians will leave the country for three months - upon arrival they will be met with an orchestra and banners, the “folks” have returned, maybe they will work and bring money to the economy, - the businessman sneers.

Against the background of a shortage of professionals in various industries, the new edition of the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus, hastily pushed through by the authorities, looks all the more surprising. According to the Code already approved in the first reading, employers will have the right to fire employees who have been arrested under an administrative article, as well as for “participating in illegal strikes” and calling thereof.

In order to somehow influence the situation, the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions appealed to the International Labor Organization. Will the ILO help us?

- Any legal norms that are written and created in Belarus should be considered with the prefix “contrary to common sense”, believes Aliaksandr Malashka. - And then everything falls into place, everything is logical and understandable. Then the international trade unions will ask the question: can we still return to common sense, to the present Constitution? Until then, we have Zimbabwe here.