15 May 2021, Saturday, 8:03
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Stages of Elimination of Lukashenka: Kachanava's Plan Failed, And Security Officials Received a Signal

Stages of Elimination of Lukashenka: Kachanava's Plan Failed, And Security Officials Received a Signal
Photo: TASS

The dictator dreams of Muammar and Saddam every night.

So, two weeks have passed since the moment when the old man announced the impending decree, which is the most important in 26 years and which will be only over his corpse. The Nick and Mike Telegram channel writes a little about what preceded and accompanied this.

It has long been known that there is no monolith in the regime for a long time. And as an example, we can cite the extremely high activity of Natallia Kachanava, who tried to broadcast literally from every iron and for any reason. It was no accident. Natasha very much hoped to push her scenario, in which the main role would be assigned to the “council of the republic.”

However, it did not happen. Colleagues of Nick and Mike say that they have never seen Natallia Kachanava so angry. She took this backstage defeat very close to her heart and, in every possible way, tried to take out her anger at everyone who got in the way of her flame.

Well, the Security Council is filled with meaning and old-new cadres, since the reshuffle for the IOC did not work. If the blue fingers, which turn black before our eyes, have to go to the "treatment," then the old man hopes that the junta will retain power in its hands. He doesn't believe in any guarantees. He still dreams of Muammar and Saddam every night.

Another scenario was well understood by the Russian researcher of the Cockroach Andrey Suzdaltsev. A small spoiler - again, thre is nothing good for the old man. There has never been a case in history that the regime did not devour the one who gave birth to it.

Let us quote: "Sooner or later, the security forces direct their weapons against the head of state, as he turns out to be a "stone on the neck" for everyone, and it is necessary to get rid of him for the sake of common salvation.

Usually, at this stage, a stream of very contradictory information about exposed conspiracies and riots falls on the media, which is a sign that the leadership of Belarus, having not received the desired legitimacy in the last elections, is seeking sympathy and pity from the population.

This is a signal for the security forces. Why? The head of state is a source of legitimacy for law enforcement agencies and special services, he “covers” them and ensures impunity. But if the head of state turns out to be a target, then his security forces are also indirectly targeted.”

This is how this week begins, which will end with a beautiful release of free Belarusians on May 9. The stele, fireworks, intelligent look... Remember that, deep down, we can be at least three hundred times against, but it is important to "feel the elbow," it is important to be nourished with each other's energy!