20 September 2021, Monday, 6:26
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Three Components of Our Victory

Three Components of Our Victory
Photo: TASS

A strike will happen.

Protests. Sanctions. Strikes. This is what our global strategy consists of, writes the BOR telegram channel.

Last August, we demonstrated our majority. It helped us know each other and make sure we were right.

Then sanctions followed. Somebody says the sanctions are not working, but many enterprises are already sending people on unpaid leave. Lukashenka is smuggling out everything he can to earn at least a penny. Very soon he will have to beg for money from all his dictatorial friends to support his law enforcers.

The last stage that will knock the chair out from under the hangman is the strike. It means that the whole country is against the mutt, not just in word but in deed. It will be a specific signal that we refuse to work for the criminal. We refuse to pay him taxes. We refuse to let him make money from our labour. That is why we will succeed.

The strike will happen.