20 September 2021, Monday, 12:27
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Belarusian Track And Field Athlete Khrystsina Tsimanouskaya Being Forcibly Taken Out Of Tokyo

Belarusian Track And Field Athlete Khrystsina Tsimanouskaya Being Forcibly Taken Out Of Tokyo

(Updated) Belarusians started a rally in support of the athlete, who sharply criticized the sports bosses.

Representatives of Lukashenka's team at the Olympics in Tokyo tried to take track and field athlete Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, she was urgently bought a plane ticket and brought to the airport.

The athlete turned to the police and is now safe. The Charter97.org website followed the situation.

On the eve, Khrystsina Tsimanouskaya sharply criticized the Belarusian sports authorities, who put her to participate in the relay race 4 x 400 meters without her knowledge.

The propagandists accused the Belarusian Olympian of “uncontrolled misbehavior”.

After the call of the BSSF, the Belarusians of the diaspora began to gather at the terminal of the airport in Tokyo to support the athlete. Volunteers and police came to Khrystsina Tsimanouskaya at the airport, independent Telegram channels report.

“Now I am with the police. They are deciding what to do,” the athlete said to Euroradio.

She added that she had been kicked out without explanations: “No complaints. I was just told to pack my things and fly home.”

Khrystsina Tsimanouskaya told reporters that she was going to apply for political asylum in Europe.

Aleh Zhdan, a representative of the Belarusian diaspora in Japan, said that a film crew from the largest TV channel in Japan, NHK, had arrived at Haneda Airport. They will cover the situation with the attempted deportation of Tsimanouskaya.

An international scandal is brewing.

Khrystsina Tsimanouskaya, in the presence of the Japanese police, is trying to refuse to board the plane.

Khrystsina Tsimanouskaya turned to the IOC for help.

“I am asking the International Olympic Committee for help, pressure was put on me and they are trying to take me out of the country without my consent, so I am asking the IOC to intervene in this,” Tsimanouskaya said.

The International Olympic Committee announced that it is studying the situation with the Belarusian athlete Khrystsna Tsimanouskaya.

TASS news agency reports that Tsimanouskaya did not check-in for the Tokyo flight.

Representatives of the Japanese Foreign Ministry went to the Tokyo airport to meet with Khrystsina Tsimanouskaya.

The Polish Embassy in Tokyo is ready to provide legal and consular assistance to Khrystsina Tsimanouskaya since today. The Polish Foreign Ministry gave a corresponding order to the Polish consul in Tokyo, with whom the Belarusian diaspora in Japan is already establishing contact.

The scandal with the Belarusian athlete is covered by the world media.

Tsimanouskaya is being transported to a safe house, she intends to apply for asylum.

An audio recording where two Lukashists are intimidating Tsimanouskaya and asking her to leave the Olympics has appeared in the Internet. The head coach of the Belarusian athletics team Yury Maisevich and a member of the Belarusian delegation, who managed to stir up a global scandal on a flat surface, confirmed themselves that the story about the injury was completely fictional. The officials managed to bring Krystsina to tears with their threats and persuasion.

Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhanek said on his Twitter that the Czech Republic was ready to help Krystsina Tsimanouskaya. He also offered the athlete a visa to enter the country so she could apply for international protection.

"Our embassy in Tokyo is ready to help," he wrote.