18 October 2021, Monday, 4:42
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Financial Times compared Viktar Lukashenka to Uday Hussein

Financial Times compared Viktar Lukashenka to Uday Hussein
Viktar Lukashenka

The dictator's son headed the Iraqi Olympic Committee.

The Financial Times published an article about what happened to the Belarusian athlete Krystsina Tsimanouskaya (translated by tribuna.com).

“The Tsimanouskaya case takes us back to Soviet times. The 24-year-old sprinter complained on social media that coaches invited her to participate in a relay for which she did not train because other Belarusian athletes did not pass enough anti-doping tests to compete (the circumstances of which must be investigated). After the team leaders tried to send her home (because of her "emotional and psychological state"), she was protected by the Tokyo police, and Warsaw offered a humanitarian visa.

There are also echoes of other authoritarian regimes: the president of the Belarusian Olympic Committee is Viktar Lukashenka, the dictator's son and presumed heir - rather like the son of Saddam Hussein Udey, who once headed the Iraqi NOC and the Iraqi Football Federation. The International Olympic Committee has banned both Lukashenkas from coming to Tokyo after some Belarusian athletes were discriminated against because of their political position,” the article says.

Let us remind you that Saddam Hussein was an Iraqi statesman and politician, President of Iraq (1979-2003). In April 2003, a US-led international coalition invaded Iraq and overthrew Hussein's regime. Hussein himself was captured by American troops and executed on December 30, 2006, following the verdict of the Iraqi Supreme Court. Uday Hussein is the eldest son of Saddam Hussein. He served as head of the Iraqi Olympic Committee, Iraqi Journalists Union, and Iraqi Football Association and as Secretary-General of the Iraqi Students' Union and the Iraqi Youth Union. He was killed in 2003.