20 October 2021, Wednesday, 18:30
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Lukashenka Is Following Gaddafi’s Footsteps

Lukashenka Is Following Gaddafi’s Footsteps

Shortly before the denouement, the Kremlin announced that the fate of the colonel would be decided by the people.

Lukashenka apparently headed for the Gaddafi scenario. Now let us talk about what this path led to and how, writes the Telegram channel “Hani bykoŭ”.

Gaddafi came to power as an opponent of corruption, and at the very end of his reign appointed relatives to key positions.

The Libyan dictator, shortly before losing power, also decided to attack a hostile Europe, disabling the system for intercepting illegal migrants.

He, like Lukashenka, did not feel the people's anger, or maybe he just didn’t want to, because all the state propaganda kept telling him about the sky-high ratings of 90%.

But people decided differently and flushed Gaddafi down the toilet in the literal sense of the word.

I also remembered that shortly before the news that Gaddafi was killed, Medvedev said that the fate of the colonel “will be decided by the Libyan people.”

The longer political tyranny lasts - of course, in every possible way referring to the will of the people - the more terrible its end can be. Lukashenka will get no less than Gaddafi and Ceausescu.