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The Sky Trembles: How Fighters Of AFU 95th Brigade Destroy Enemy

The Sky Trembles: How Fighters Of AFU 95th Brigade Destroy Enemy

Spectacular shots by the “gods of war”.

In the Lugansk region, Ukrainian artillerymen of the 95th brigade of the Airborne Forces continue to destroy Russian invaders. These fighters are called “gods of war”.

The press service of the 95th separate airborne assault brigade of the Airborne Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told about the work of the artillerymen.

The artillery unit of the Zhytomyr paratroopers is located in a dilapidated house on the outskirts of a small village in the Luhansk region. They are ordinary men and guys in uniform. Some are very young, they signed a contract almost immediately after school, and someone was mobilized after February 24.

“The house was empty for a long time, and we put it in order a little. However, we will not stay here for long. We lived everywhere — in dugouts or just in our KrAZ vehicles, and when there is no place to stay, you can always get an ordinary tent,” said Oleksandr, chief sergeant of the artillery squadron.

When it's raining outside, the gunners' boots get stuck in the mud. Literally from under the ground, from the hiding place, they get shells. They load, the gunner freezes for a few seconds, looking at the panorama (howitzer sight), then takes half a step back and the explosion literally breaks the space. Then another howitzer fires a shell, and then another.

All this is happening too fast. The guys load howitzers with well-coordinated, learned movements, a “shot” is heard, followed by a too loud sound that you feel with your whole body. A puff of smoke appears near the installation, it dissipates by the time of the next shot. And then there's “all clear”.

Just as quickly, D-30s hide under tarpaulin and camouflage nets, shells in caches. The men quickly go to the temporary home. A minute later, someone is smoking on the threshold in the hallway, someone has gone to finish drinking already cold coffee.

“This is our job – dirty, hard and waiting all the time. Constantly moving. Hardly have we settled down, and here we go again, need to move. Therefore, some of our guys always sleep in a tent, even when it is possible to spend the night in a warm house. And all in order not to get used to the warmth, because tomorrow we will again settle in a dugout somewhere in the field,” said the chief sergeant of the squadron.

Some guys have a rest in the summer kitchen, where there are no windows or doors for a long time. One of the gunners said that they had recently had very successful hits.

“They say that a whole column of Russian tanks was “taken apart”. How many tanks were there? Who the hell knows! The trouble with the gunners is that we do not see the results of our work. The shell flew somewhere over the hill, but where it hit is not visible. Then only our infantry drops us a drone video of Russian tanks on fire, or a photo of a bombed enemy position. Also we are reported on the result by the guys from the observation posts. Of course, we look forward to receiving such messages, we want to see how we have worked,” Volodymyr said.