15 August 2022, Monday, 9:27
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Belarusian Army 'Exercises' Extended Until July 9

Belarusian Army 'Exercises' Extended Until July 9

The schedule has been published.

Belarus has once again extended its military exercises, including those on the border with Ukraine. This time the exercise has been extended until at least July 9.

The UNIAN news agency reports this, citing the Belarusian telegram channels and the schedule of exercises at the Belarusian training grounds:

Barysauski (227th) until 09.07;

Shooting range No. 1 near Minsk (Uruchcha) until 09.07;

Hozhski (near Hrodna) until 08.07;

Brestski until 09.07;

Repishcha (Asipovichy) until 08.07;

Mar'ina Horka till 09.07;

Lasvida (near Vitsebsk) until 09.07;

Nioman (near Biarozauka) until 08.07;

Abuz-Liasny (near Baranavichy) until 08.07;

Chepialiova (near Slonim) until 08.07;

Damanava (near Ivatsevichy) until 08.07;

Shooting range near Staryja Darohi until 08.07;

Zaslonava (near Lepel) until 09.07.

It is noted that at the moment the Belarusian army is not ready for any offensive operations.

"The only thing this training has had a positive effect on is the ability to defend. One can also note progress in piloting skills," the report reads.

We remind you that checkpoints at the entrances and exits of Kyiv have been tightened because of the threat of an attack from Belarus.