14 August 2022, Sunday, 12:37
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‘Streets In Belarusian Cities Will Be Named After Such Heroes’

‘Streets In Belarusian Cities Will Be Named After Such Heroes’

It is for a good reason they say that those who are now fighting for Ukraine could reshape the political field in Belarus.

‘Volat’ commander Brest is dead. It’s that man with a big beard whom all of you have seen. It was him who read out the oath which became viral even in the Ukrainian segment of the internet. In general, that wave did more for the attitude of Ukrainians towards Belarusians than all politicians taken together, writes the Nick and Mike Telegram channel.

It is for a good reason they say that precisely those who are fighting for Ukraine today can reshape the political field in Belarus. Belarusian politics lacks action, and such guys as Brest do act. It is absolutely clear why this state power is so eagerly trying to humiliate and insult every one of those holding weapons in the fight for Ukraine.

But we have long been aware of what is good, and what is absolute evil. Priest Barok easily replies to this question even within the framework of the Holy Bible: you can even take up arms when you are struggling for freedom. Because freedom is one of the most important gains of humanity.

The beard made Brest look very sophisticated but he was in fact only 28. In an interview in the beginning of the war Brest said something probably disturbing, but you cannot think otherwise while at war: “My hardest battle is the one in which I will be killed”. And he was killed. But it was a great battle. Many tanks were battered — according to Ahmet, there were 3 or 4. But in fact there were many more.

The last thing that was said in a hand-held transceiver was: “The next tank is coming on us”.

Brest, rest in peace! The streets in Belarusian cities will be named after such heroes.

We wish all Belarusians who are now risking their lives in Ukraine, defending dignity and freedom, to return home alive regardless of their unit.

Long Live Belarus!”