30 September 2022, Friday, 22:22
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Another Humiliation: What Erdogan Wants From Putin

Another Humiliation: What Erdogan Wants From Putin

The petty gopnik fears the Turkish leader.

Putin has appointed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as chief of the truce. There previously were Emmanuel Macron, Mario Draghi and Olaf Scholz, but they failed. They were driven out of Kyiv.

Erdogan is the cunning eastern dictator. He's also a smart person. He understands perfectly well that Ukraine will never agree to a ceasefire, to surrender, especially when Putin is afraid of a counteroffensive. The President of Turkey will come to Kyiv, talk, then tell Putin: you know, Vladimir, I tried, but the Ukrainians do not agree. But Erdogan has already received an “advance” for this — Putin has already paid him a huge fee. Having completely ratted out his ally in the CSTO — Armenia.

Erdogan was in Sochi on August 5 — defiantly, without any shyness, and on the 3rd Azerbaijani soldiers (and this is the Turkish army, because in Shusha Erdogan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a solemn declaration on the unification of the Turkish and Azerbaijani armies) entered the Lachin Corridor. The territory, which is controlled under the ceasefire protocol by the peacekeeping contingent of Russian troops. And this contingent did not utter a word. And it did not prevent them from occupying the dominant heights there. And Putin did not even open his mouth in the negotiations on this issue. Therefore, Erdogan, as a typical alpha male in their pair, showed him that, they say, that's it, now he is the complete master in the South Caucasus.

The same will happen in a few days in Syria. He is going to send Turkish troops to northern Syria. And this is already a mortal danger for Putin's friend Bashar al-Assad. This is how Putin rats out everyone he can, clinging to straws, for Erdogan's promise to try to achieve a ceasefire, which Erdogan is not going to fulfill for a second, realizing that it is impossible.

Ramzan Kadyrov came to Sochi with Putin, intending to talk with the Turkish leadership. And it became another humiliation. They refused to meet with him. Sergei Shoigu met with Kadyrov — he took a picture with Shoigu.

And how Putin curried favor with Erdogan. He met the man near the plane ladder — hello, my dear friend. Well, “dear friend” will now finally kick him out of Armenia and Syria. Here is Erdogan showing Western leaders how to deal with Putin. They curry favor with him, and he is rude to them. But he is afraid of Erdogan. That is, Putin, like a petty gopnik, can act hooligan with intelligent boys, but is a coward in front of a real bandit.

Has Erdogan already got everything he wanted from Putin? For now, he needs time to digest what he took — to take all of Karabakh and take Aleppo back. They will definitely take Aleppo — the city destroyed from the air by Putin. In the Ottoman Empire, Aleppo was the second city after Istanbul.

So, Ukrainians should not take offense with Erdogan. He must be accepted as he is. And don't thank him. He did a lot of positive things for Ukraine. And now he is helping Putin to circumvent sanctions, and of course he gets a lot of money for this, as a percentage. But here he is taking a big risk. Americans are very unhappy with this.

Andrei Piontkovsky, Novoye Vremya