26 September 2022, Monday, 20:06
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Lukashenka Propagandists Creating Themselves 'Media' They Quote

Lukashenka Propagandists Creating Themselves 'Media' They Quote

Dirty and primitive work.

Journalist Dzmitry Hurnevich, scrolling through the news feed from BelTA, drew attention to a propaganda repost allegedly from a Polish telegram channel, and he explains on Facebook why the obvious fake here is not even so much the information itself, but its source.

- There's a news story on Belta: Polish Telegram channels teach their subscribers how to freeze bread to make it last longer.

Let us leave aside the fact that Telegram is not a source of information for Poles at all. For them, Telegram is like Tumblr for the Belarusians: they may have heard of it, they may have seen it once or twice, but nothing more than that.

But let's say, someone in Belarus believes that millions of Poles spend a lot of time there (Polish media and bloggers are simply not present there). If you follow the link further, it leads to Solovyov's page. He, in turn, has no links to telegram channels, but a screenshot from a single channel. It is one, although the news item mentions telegram channels in the plural.

So let's open this channel. It has 9 thousand subscribers. We find a post with advices to freeze bread (it has been read by 370 people in three days).

And what do we notice? That the titles of many posts in the channel are misspelled, obviously through googletranslate, including the one mentioned, about bread. There's a mistake there, which a Pole simply can't make. The text of the message itself is also badly-written, the author allegedly refers to some portal, but the portal itself is not named.

Obviously, the author copied the text from the Polish news, but he didn't understand all the expressions and therefore he didn't consider it necessary to correct it. He invented a sensational headline, translated it via non-perfect google and posted it as is, because there was no Pole to check it.

Apparently, in order to quote "hot news" propagandists themselves create the "media" they quote. But this is done in such a dirty and primitive way that it is hard to even imagine the addressee of such fakes, unless they are sincere readers of Belta and Solovyov, which is a diagnosis in itself.