4 December 2023, Monday, 3:00
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Belarusians About Lukashenka's Statements: Two Morons Hasten Their End

Belarusians About Lukashenka's Statements: Two Morons Hasten Their End

True patriots need to work ahead of the curve.

Lukashenka, following Russia, instructed to prepare for the transition to wartime.

The usurper openly talks about his fears of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Kalinouski regiment.

The dictator also said that his regime “is obliged to support Russia”.

Here is what Charter97.org readers think about this:

“Belarus is on the verge of a financial crisis and default, therefore, in order to preserve his illegitimate power, the old fart and schizophrenic maniac Lukashenka may go to war with Ukraine. The barn has burned down, so let the house burn, too. For the sake of his power, he is ready for anything.”

“We have to be ahead of the curve. Catch the bald man and all his mutants. Let's transfer the guys at the feedbox to the Hague, and we ourselves will live like decent people in a free country. We should speed up, because the mustachioed may sell himself out completely by next year and switch to a single currency — Russian rubles.

“It’s like it happens sometimes in life, a warehouse manager steals and sets fire to the warehouse in order to hide the theft under the ruins. This criminal gang is doing the same thing. They plundered, destroyed, enslaved the people, the people are running away, scatter, so what to do? War is a way out to hide crimes, to turn dissenters into soldiers and bury them on the battlefields, to distract people from pressing problems with a common misfortune.”

“Just distribute the weapon quickly and see where it will be directed.”

“Lend-lease will definitely go to Ukraine. The “referenda”, the transition to wartime, mobilization — Russia is on the loose. It will be very interesting. Two morons hasten their end. Logically, Russia should be torn apart inside, tensions should rise. This is in the event that in Russia not all people are complete zombies. We’ll see it soon. With Lend-Lease, Ukraine will turn into a powerful machine for grinding orcs approaching its borders. God grant that this machine will turn the orcs on their Kremlin and that Lend-Lease will work!”

“Crazy Cockroach, who needs you? Nobody threatens you, nobody is going to attack Belarus, you just want to move the soldiers back and forth and play war games. This monster has disgraced Belarus and is pushing the country into war. Belarusians do not need this war, people have much more important things to do, especially now it is autumn. Psychos run rampant in the fall, but not to such extent!

“I want to remind Lukashenka-the-schizophrenic and his lackeys that according to the law of war, which they also want to create in the country, the people will no longer be up to the law! We will tear and shoot you, scum, wherever there is an opportunity!”

“I would put members of the election commissions in the front ranks of the attackers, who cowardly allowed Lukashenka to be credited with an “elegant victory” in the 2020 elections and the 2022 referendum. Them and their children. People must be held accountable for their cowardice”.

“That's all the fool has brought the country to during his reign. Poverty, terror, international isolation, and now the threat of war. It is not clear why and it is not clear with whom. This is even worse than a dead end,” write readers of the website Charter97.org.

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