9 December 2023, Saturday, 6:01
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Media: Russian Troops Fleeing Lyman

Media: Russian Troops Fleeing Lyman

The Ukrainian army is surrounding the city.

Lyman is likely to be left by the occupying army of the Russian Federation in the coming days. The Armed Forces of Ukraine began to encircle the city, which forced the Russians to make another “goodwill gesture”, writes dialog.ua.

Ukrainian Telegram channels report about the withdrawal of part of the Russian forces from Lyman.

Russian propaganda resources also began to write about the flight of the Russian garrison.

According to propagandists, the trained main units are being withdrawn from the city.

Those who were forcibly mobilized in the ORDLO will be instructed to hold the city. The so-called “freshmen” are not a serious military force, and will be swept away by the counter-attacking Armed Forces of Ukraine.

However, most likely, it will not even come to this, since the invaders will take to flight before the Ukrainian troops approach there.

Important to note, the grouping of the RF Armed Forces in Lyman was under threat after the liberation of the Izyum frontline by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ukrainians came close to the strategically important city from the west, and started the encirclement operation.

Probably, the Russian occupiers decided to flee without waiting for the “mousetrap” to close. The liberation of Lyman will open the way for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Lysychansk and Severodonetsk.

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