28 March 2020, Saturday, 18:17
People’s Quarantine

Arrests go on


Syargei Parsyukevich was arrested for 15 days for participation on the unauthorised rally of entrepreneurs on 10 January. Activist of the entrepreneurs’ movement Syargei Parsyukevich from Vitebsk has had a trial in the court of the Central district of Minsk today, Radio Svaboda reports.

Syargei Parsyukevich was detained in Vitebsk on Sunday and guarded to the internal affairs department of the October district. The entrepreneur was guarded to Minsk at night.

As we have informed, 23 activists were arrested for participation in the rally. Among them are Anatol Lyabedzka, head of the United Civil Party, and Anatol Shumchanka, leader of the association “Perspektiva”. They are serving their punishment in the special prison facility in Akrestin Street. They were sentenced to 15 days of arrest. Alyaksandr Makayeu, one of the leaders of the entrepreneurs’ movement was sentenced to 15 days of arrest for allegedly “minor hooliganism” on 12 January.

Tatyana Tishkeich, student of the University of Physical Culture, was arrested for 20 days.