21 April 2019, Sunday, 10:04
For our and your freedom!

“Young Front” activist went on hunger strike

A one-day hunger strike as a sign of memory of prisoner of communistic regime and as a sign of solidarity with the repressed Belarusian youth is held by the “Young Front” today, on the Human Rights Day.

By this action “Young Front” members end the first part of the campaign “Tribunal for Communism!”

According to “Young Front” activists, December 10 was a special day for political prisoners in the Soviet Union. They went on hunger strike demanding general amnesty on that day.

Former political prisoner Syarhei Khanzhankou, who spent 10 years (from 1963 to 197) in soviet labour camp for creation of an anti-Soviet organization and attempted diversion - explosion of a jammer, told about it to the press service of the “Young Front”.

“On December 10, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the most important document proclaiming natural human rights, was adopted. Prisoners in jails and camps, including me, refused food to expressing their protest against the communistic oppression, trying to draw attention of the international community to the awful things in the USSR,” Syarhei Khanzhankou says.

More than 40 youth activists in Minsk, Brest, Belaazyorsk, Kobryn, Polatsk, Hlybokae, Vitsebsk, Navahrudak, Lida, Rechytsa, Mazyr and other towns take part in the fasting-hungry strike today.