28 May 2020, Thursday, 17:39
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Syarhei Parsyukevich had hair cut and transferred to investigatory facility


Lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya visited the activist of entrepreneurs’ movement in the pretrial detention center on Valadarski Street yesterday.

– A confrontation of my client with Alyaksandr Dulub, a militiaman allegedly beaten up by him in the detention center on Akrestin Street, lasted till 8pm. Of course, the militiaman denied Parsyukevich’s words in presence of an investigator, but the investigator decided to continue questioning today, too,” the lawyer said to Radio Racyja.

Vera Stramkouskaya said Syarhei Parsyukevich continued to insist the case initiated against him was unlawful.

– He has been in the so called quarantine, he says he caught flew, because it’s very cold there. On Friday he had his hair cut, though he protested. They are going to transfer him to a cell, where he will be kept during the investigation, – Vera Stramkouskaya said.

A criminal case on the article 364 of the Criminal Code (violent act or threat against a militiaman) was initiated against Syarhei Parsyukevich, leader of entrepreneurs’ movement of the Vitsebsk Region, on 31 January.

The entrepreneur faces up to 6 years of imprisonment. He is accused of allegedly beating deputy officer on duty Alyaksandr Dulub when serving 15-day arrest in the detention center on Akrestin Street in Minsk.