1 December 2023, Friday, 22:38
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Law on Mass Media does not concern comments to articles on the web


Yesterday “deputies” adopted the Law on Mass Media in the second reading. It reads that an online version of a newspaper shouldn’t differ from its printed edition. So far they state that the law on mass media does not concern comments to articles on the web.

Yury Kulakouski, a “deputy”, a chairman of the permanent Commission on Human Rights, national relations and Mass Media explained to journalists: “In online versions editions publish their articles in the same form”.

“Readers can discuss articles at our webpage. Will it be possible to do?” a journalist of “KP in Belarus” asked Yuri Kulakouski.

“The law does not touch upon the issues of comments and such things… Discussions can take place.”

“If an interesting interview is published in the newspaper in a shortened form, and a full version is published on the website…”

“This does not change the essence of an interview… These are not different versions (of an online version and a newspaper).

“But all over the world websites contain more information that printed newspapers! They have lots of additional information!”

“Then it should be published as a separate [newspaper]!”

“It means that we are to cut the online version of our newspaper?”

“Absolutely true”.

“But it is inconvenient!”

“Then make one more newspaper!”

“But what for?!”

“For having an order in mass media! You should bring everything in order”.

“It is inconvenient for readers.”

“It is inconvenient for you,” the “deputy finished the conversation.

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