15 October 2019, Tuesday, 13:02
We are in the same boat

Mass protests against Russia’s aggression held worldwide (Video, photo)


Rallies and meetings in support of Georgia are held in different parts of the world. Their participants picket embassies of Russian and urge to stop war.

Meetings against Russian military presence in Georgia have been held in Belgian capital. About 200 persons have taken part in it. Natives of Georgia living in Belgium organized a picketing of Russian Embassy in Brussels Monday evening. The Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to NATO is situated at its territory. According to local police, the rally ended without any incidents.

The picketers were holding slogans with demands to withdraw Russian troops from Georgia and stop the Russian military operation “on forcing Georgia to peace”

On the same evening 300 Georgians organized a meeting in the other part of Brussels, near the Permanent Mission of Russia in the EU.

Three manifestations of protest were held by the Georgian expat community in Greece. About 300 persons have taken part in the largest protest in Thessaloniki, Echo Moskvy informs. The protesters were holding posters and chanted calls addressed to Russia “to stop genocide”. Several dozens people arranged the words: “Russia, stop” from burning candles.

Citizens of Latvia and Estonia took to the streets to support Georgia and express protest against Russia’s actions in the conflict zone. According to local media, about 500 participants gathered in Tallinn on Town Hall Square.

NovoNews informs that about 2,000 citizens have taken part in the meeting in Riga.

Holding posters with words “Hands off Georgia”, “Putin is assassin”, and portraits of Mikhail Saakashvili, and chanting “Occupants!”, protesters marched from Freedom monument in the Old Town to the Russian Embassy.

A meeting of protest against the policy of Russia was held in Ukraine as well. As the Ukrainian media write, about 50 persons, mostly Georgian community members, gathered in front of the Russian Embassy in Kyiv. The protesters were holding streamers: “Aggression against Georgia is aggression against Ukraine!”, “Georgia today, Ukraine tomorrow?”, “Putin+Medvedev=Hitler”, and Ukrainian and Georgian flags.

As we have informed, the rally of solidarity with Georgia was held by the Young Front near the Russian Embassy in Minsk. 15 activists of the organisation gathered near the Embassy with streamers: “Stop aggression”, “Russia-Georgia: war with peacekeeping goals?” “One sixth part of land – is it not enough?”

Participants of the rally managed to pass the petition to officers of the embassy. The picket lasted for about 10 minutes. Then policemen arrived. Ilya and Ivan Shyla, Andrei Tychyna and Lyudvisya Atakulava were detained. Activists were detained brutally. Policemen had machine-guns, they were wringing hands of the activists. As a sign of protest, activists sat on the ground. As a result, policemen were to carry the activists to the police car in arms.

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Action of Solidarity with Georgia in Minsk was brutally disbanded