12 November 2019, Tuesday, 17:47
Good news

Google won trial over google.by domain

On a request of electroname.com a representative of Google commented on the situation with google.by domain. Here is a response of Dmitry Sholomko, a Ukrainian representative of the company.

Domain Google.by was registered by a third party, which has no relation to Google but used the interface of our website. In this connection, we went to law against violation of trademark and commercial name rights. The case was considered by the Supreme Court of Belarus in December 2008 and found for Google.

The Court ordered to cancel registration of this domain. As a result, Google was able to register domain name google.by in January 2009. Now preparatory works on launching Google services at this domain are being carried out. It will soon operate in a normal mode of Google’s website.

Alla Zabrovskaya, PR director for Google Russia, confirmed this information to electroname.com.