2 October 2023, Monday, 18:28
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

"Belarus Free Theatre" demands to release Natalia Kaliada.


General producer of the "Belarus Free Theatre" Natalia Kaliada was detained after the brutal suppress of the peaceful demonstration against the falsifications of the results of elections on the Independence Square in Minsk.

At present her location is unknown. According to the reports there are more than 500 people detained. In the nearest future this information will be spread to all leading mass media agencies around the world. The staff of the "Belarus Free Theatre" demands immediate release of Natalia Kaliada and all detained.

Uladzimir Shcherban - director of the "Belarus Free Theatre"

Mikalai Khalezin - artistic director of the "Belarus Free Theatre"

Aliaksei Shyrnevich - assistant to a director of the "Belarus Free Theatre"

Irene Iarochevitch - assistant to a director of the "Belarus Free Theatre"

Laur Biarzhanin - sound manager of the "Belarus Free Theatre"

Artsem Zhaliazniak - international relations coordinator of the "Belarus Free Theatre"


Aleh Sidorchyk

Pavel Haradnitski

Dzianis Tarasenka

Yana Rusakevich

Maryna Yurevich

Mikita Valadzko