21 April 2019, Sunday, 12:15
For our and your freedom!

Yury Bandazheuski: “No more lies!”


After 16 years of Lukashenka’s dictatorship a question of the Belarusian nation’s survival is on the agenda.

A Belarusian scientist, a prominent expert in the sphere of radiation medicine, Doctor of Medicine, Professor, a full member of New York Academy of Science and a former political prisoner, Yury Bandazheuski is set to support Andrei Sannikov as a candidate for presidency.

“I think that Andrei Sannikov is the best candidate for the position of the president of Belarus. I do not doubt his decency and principled stand. I was told a lot about him by Mikhail Marynich, who had had a hard life journey as well. We must support this politician.

We will perish if we go on living like this. Lies cannot be tolerated any more. We simply need democratization of the society, we are tired of what we see. People should not depend on the will of leadership; they should live under the laws.

Today we have come to the situation when a will of one person or of a group of people in power decides everything, the public opinion is denied totally; there is dictate in everything, there are no contacts with the external world; there are no programs for protection of people’s health. Not only a serious political, economic, demographic crisis is taking place in the country, but a crisis of the society as well. We have lost our face in the world, we do not have our position. And everything else is just consequences. The freedom of expression is destroyed, all the informational system, the principle of separation of powers does not exist.

Very many people have suffered from this regime, many have been not able to apply their talents for the country to develop. The situation with health is catastrophic. As a doctor I can state: over the last 8 years the number of children with innate defects in Belarus has grown twice, the number of people with tumours has doubled as well. The nation had been gravely affected before and after Chernobyl, and a lot should be done to restore the health of people.

We cannot live like that any more. The position of Sannikov is right, his program has been created knowledgeably. He is the best man for the position of the president, and he would be able to do a lot for the nation. We do not have a better candidate. I am in Italy now, I have a big tour, I meet people, the public, and I am talking about my position all the time,” stated Yury Bandazheuski in an interview to charter97.org.