2 July 2020, Thursday, 15:02
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

22 solidarity action participants detained and held in Minsk Central Interior Ministry department


Some of the participants of the solidarity action did not manage to take part in it – they were detained right before the action on the evening of 19 December at the doors of the KGB building.

22 people were detained altogether. Right now they are being held in the Central department of the Interior Ministry in Minsk.

As for now, we have the following names:

Vladimir Chudentsov, correspondent of “Russkaya sluzhba novostey” (released)

Mikhail Kamenev, representative of the International Observation mission of the Committee on International control over human rights in Belarus (released)

Nikita Volodko, actor of the Free Theater

Valery Sedov, activist (detained near the Red Church)