26 January 2022, Wednesday, 14:49
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Will deans and rectors be blacklisted by European Union?


The European Union has started revising the list of Belarusian regime’s representatives banned from entering the EU.

As said by the initiator of this correction, a Polish MEP Marek Migalski, the list should be expanded considerably.

“I am convinced that many and many new persons who support the repressive policy of Belarus should be added to the list. I think that we need to include into the list deans and rectors of the universities, who expelled students after December 19 or for other reasons. I know that there have been heroic deeds, and they are commendable. But those who conduct repressions against the people of Belarus should be on this list and they should be deprived of an opportunity to ski in European ski resorts”, – Marek Migalski has said.

Marek Migalski, a member of the European Parliament, is a co-author of another initiative: a drive to raise funds and collect computers for “Vyasna” human rights centre and for other NGOs in Belarus which had been raided and repressed, Radio Racyja reports.