19 January 2018, Friday, 8:57

Seized Belarus Press Photo 2011 albums to be destroyed?


This conclusion can be made from an official letter signed by deputy head of Ashmyany customs department Danilevich.

The letter was sent to Belarusian photographer Alyaksandr Vasyukovich after 41 albums had been seized from him on November 12. Vasyukevich told Euroradio:

“These were some albums we show at festivals, our exhibitions and other events. Customs officers demonstrated their interest in them and decided to seize them for examination. I've received a letter today saying the albums don't comply with imprint rules and therefore should be destroyed.”

It should be reminded that the album was officially published a year ago and delivered to Belarus. Vasyukevich hesitates whether he should appeal against the decision of the customs department.