21 January 2018, Sunday, 23:13

MFA attacks the USA because of sanctions


Official Minsk accused the USA of violating the international obligations.

Andrei Savinykh voiced the position on the programme Kontury on ONT TV channel. He said that, according to the memorandum about the security guarantees provided for by Belarus’ joining the Agreement on nuclear non-proliferation, signed in Budapest in 1994, the USA has voluntarily taken the legally binding obligations.

“Precisely they obliged themselves not to apply the measures of economic coercion in any circumstances”, - Andrei Savinykh noted, Telegraph reports.

However the USA has violated its obligations, having failed to follow the legally binding agreement, he believes.

In Andrei Savinykh’s opinion, it is a serious violation, which “undermines the authority of the USA itself”.

The MFA’s press-secretary noted that in the spheres where the parties pull out of political clichés, “the dialogue builds fairly smooth” and gave an example of the joint control over the non-proliferation of nuclear weapon.

Belarusians are cooperating with the Americans quite constructively today on the control area linked with the movement of nuclear materials across Belarus’ border, Andrei Savinykh said. “They see Belarus’ role here, we have a serious transit potential. This cooperation is in in the interest of our country, the USA, and the whole world. He easily find points of contact here”, - he emphasize.

The press-secretary of the Belarusian MFA believes that these principles must be applied to other spheres as well.

Andrei Savinykh said that despite the USA’s sanctions against Belarus, the trade turnover accounted for 700 million dollars last year. Belarus imports complex technical equipment for the re-equipment of its enterprises.

“The trade balance is of interest for the USA, we import much more than we export to the American market”, - the MFA’s press secretary said.

According to him, the Belarusian export to the USA is partly limited because of the sanctions and Belarus something to offer to the Americans. He noted that the exports of informational services is actively developing and the growth accounts for more than 60% a year. “We could also develop more substantially in other spheres as well”, - the MFA’s press-secretary believes.

We would remind that in 2012 the US adopted a new package of sanctions against Belarusian officials and representatives of enforcing agencies, on whom visa and financial restrictions were imposed. The sanctions were introduced against a number of enterprises as well.

The sanctions will not be lifted until all the political prisoners are released in Belarus.