20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:21

Tax inspectors have no questions regarding Myasnikovich's watch


Tax inspectors don't show interest in Belarusian PM Myasnikovich's watch worth $37,000.

They also doubt if it is necessary for any person to look at officials' tax returns, Euroradio reports.

On January 2, tax officials acquainted journalists with results of their work in 2012. They spoke about 101.4 trillion rubles of taxes, successes in electronic tax filing and so on.

Mikhail Rasolka, the head of the main department for taxation of individuals of the Taxation Ministry, emphasised that 7 billion rubles were collected from those whose expenses exceeded incomes. In this regard, journalists asked the official if tax inspectors had questions about the watch of Mikhail Myasnikovich.  

“I didn't see the watch. So I cannot say if it is expensive. You can take picture of my watch, if you want. It is a 25-year-old Luch watch. I have never mentioned it in tax returns,” he said.

The same vague answer was given to a question if all governmental officials should be obliged to make their tax returns open to the public.

“This is tax secrecy. Under the constitution, we cannot reveal information relating to one's property status. We have the law on civil service and the law on taxation that don't give this right. If such a requirement is set by the legislation, then... I am not ready now to speak how this initiative will influence corruption. Every tax return is checked. It is must be checked at least once during five years. We have state control in this sector,” he said.

First deputy minister of taxation Syarhei Nalivaika added that checks were carried out and noted it didn't matter if the process was open to the public.

It should be reminded that the watch of Belarusian prime minister Myasnikovich costs about 37,000 dollars.