16 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:49

Leanid Zaika: “Referendum” with shaman dances will cost $150m


The ruler can hold another “referendum” in spite of the deep economic crisis in the country.

Economist Leanid Zaika spoke to charter97.org about Lukashenka's initiative to have a referendum.

“The aim of the referendum is more significant than the economic state of the country. Holding the referendum is more important than construction of another palace. It's true especially when the important issues, not the questions like 'do you like Lukashenka or not?' are proposed. Referendums deal with the issues vital for the country's development. They have a political value,” the expert says.

The analyst notes that five dollars per voter will be enough if the procedure is fast and inexpensive.

“There are seven million voters in Belarus. So, the minimum cost is 35 million dollars. If it involves shamanic ceremonies and dancing, singing songs in honour of the Belaya Rus party and gathering people for mass events, the cost will increase four times to 120-150 million dollars,” the economist said.

Leanid Zaika think an online referendum is the cheapest and simplest sort of referendums.

“We should try it. We could begin with some minor issues, for example, free public transport in Minsk. We need to move to online voting. It would cost little. Up to 70% of population in Belarus use the internet, so we can have a more or less clear picture. Yarmoshyna should know it. In this case she will be able to go to Paris and read Hemingway there,” the head of the analytical centre Strategy added ironically.

The concept of reforming the judicial system supposing a merger of general jurisdiction courts and economic courts was approved on November 19 at a meeting with Lukashenka. The reform requires amending the country's Constitution. The dictator ordered to prepare the necessary documents within 10 days.