31 March 2023, Friday, 9:37
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Siarhei Kavalenka faces threat to get back behind bars

Siarhei Kavalenka faces threat to get back behind bars

The former political prisoner has received a second warning.

A Conservative Christian Party BPF’s activist from Vicebsk Siarhei Kavalenka was called out to the inspection of Vicebsk’s Piershamajski district. There he received a second warning.

The former political prisoner told that the charter97.org web-site.

“I was warned for the same episode as of 25 March, when I was accused of allegedly crossing a road in an undue place. Now they are stating that I allegedly used foul language towards policemen. As the lawyer told me, these two warnings would be enough to send me back to prison. They may take me in any moment”,- Siarhei Kavalenka stated.

The former political prisoner hopes to successfully appeal against the warnings.

“I will try appealing against these warning, but the problem is that policemen do not give me even the copies of those papers. They do not even allow making photos of them. The absurdity is that the protocol says that I crossed the street unduly at 13.20, and at that time I was already in court. I told them to at least learn how to lie, and they responded: “What difference does it make to us, we had an order.

Thus, the lawlessness continues like in 2010, when I was transferred from home arrest to a real prison after two warnings”, - the former political prisoner believes.