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Brzezinski: West should provide military assistance to Ukraine

Brzezinski: West should provide military assistance to Ukraine

Russia will be stopped only by the military intervention of the Western countries.

States of the Western world should provide military support to Ukrainians in the fight against the Russian Federation, which would not abandon the attempts to seize more Ukraine’s regions.

Such an opinion came from a former advisor to US president and famous American analyst Zbigniew Brzezinski as he spoke on CNN air, UNIAN reports.

“Russia claims that this is a popular uprising, while in reality they see, whether they could seize this territory without great resistance and keep saying that this region separated from Ukraine by itself”, - he said.

“I can see an astounding similarity between what happened several weeks ago in Crimea and what is taking place now in the East. Gangs of criminals in uniforms with no insignia emerge unexpectedly and look practically the same as those in Crimea, and in several cities in the East they are trying to do the same thing”, - the analyst pointed out.

Brzezinski pointed out that in case of a confrontation Russians are planning on intervening with the troops located at the border with Ukraine, and noted that further course of event will much depend on Ukrainians themselves.

According to him, without resistance Russian will do the same with Eastern Ukrainian regions as with Crimea, and the West in this case will not actively intervene.

“If they decide to resist, they will likely be losing step by step, but if this resistance continues, the West – whether they like it or not – will be under great public pressure to provide assistance”, - he said.

Brzezinski urged to inform Ukrainians of that as soon as possible because this may also decrease the probability of an armed conflict.

“If we inform them about this in advance, it is likely that Ukrainians will rise against Russia, and if Russians know that, they will think twice before they launch a larger campaign”, - the analyst said.

Brzezinski also drew parallels between the events in Ukraine and US and Russia confrontation in Vietnam.

“It is enough to think of Vietnam. We lost thousands people there, but who armed the Vietnamese? The Russians did. They did not see anything bad in this, because they saw their geopolitical interest in that”, - he pointed out.

“I think that in the case of Ukraine we can be active precisely in this dimension”, - he added.

Photo: PAP

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