22 January 2018, Monday, 10:56

There have been no letters from Alijenievich since 9 May

The mother of the political prisoner, who is serving the imprisonment term in a penal colony in Navapolatsk, told of son’s attempts to start studies in the colony.

“At first, they promised him they would teach him to repair TV-sets. But in a month he was dismissed from the studies without reasons explained. I know that he applied to study for a tailor, but again he was not accepted, - Valancina Alijenievich told Radio Svaboda. – I know, he would also like to study that too. He is a curious young man, eager to learn. Although, he was unjustly sentenced, and to that illegally kidnapped in Moscow, he still had a vision of the limits of legitimacy. He thought that in the colony he would work, he would study. So what that they only teach working professions there. But no one was given such an opportunity, neither was he”.

The latest letter from Ihar Alijenievich came in early May – the political prisoner congratulated the grandparent on the Victory Day. “Since then there have been no letters, while they have long not been allowing to make phone calls”, - the political prisoner’s mother reported.

An activist of the anarchist movement Ihar Alijenievich was sentenced to 8 years for alleged hooliganism directed at official buildings. He did not admit guilt and refused to appeal for pardon.