23 January 2018, Tuesday, 13:05

Jury Rubcou taken to hospital after 30-day long hunger strike


The activist has been taken to a hospital due to poor fit.

Having been released from the Homiel jail, a civic activist Jury Rubcou was taken to hospital after having spent 30 days of arrest and hunger strike, BelaPAN reports.

When Rubcou got released from the police department, relatives took him to a hospital due to poor fit.

We would remind that Rubcou was detained by police in Minsk on 26 April after the annual opposition manifestation Chernobyl Shlakh. At the manifestation he was wearing a T-shirt with prints “Lukashenka, go away!” and “Arrest me! Reason! I am against Lukashenka”.

On 28 April the court of Minsk Soviet district found him guilty of “insubordination to legitimate demands of an official”, “disorderly conduct” and sentenced to a 25-day arrest. The T-shirt was taken away from the activist. To protest the verdict Rubcou went on hunger strike.

In the evening on 21 May, as the arrest time ran out, from the jail Rubcou was taken to the railway station in Minsk and put on the train to Homiel, however as he arrived there, he was detained again. On 22 May the court of Homiel Railway district sentenced him to a 5-day arrest for alleged insubordination to policemen and fault language in public. Rubcou went on hunger strike again.

Thus, the hunger strike of the Homiel activist lasted 30 days.

Photo: Belsat