18 January 2018, Thursday, 20:30

Petro Poroshenko: Who has given Putin the right to interpret Ukraine’s Constitution?


Vladimir Putin does not have a right to call Viktor Yanukovych a legitimate president of Ukraine.

It has been stated by Petro Poroshenko, the winner of the presidential race in Ukraine, in his conversation with a reporter of “Kommersant” (Russia).

To the observation that Putin had repeated many times there are no formal grounds to deem Yanukovych illegitimate president, Poroshenko answered: “It is an opinion of citizen Putin.”

“If someone believes that something is wrong in the country, go to the Constitutional Court. Citizen Yanukovych can go to the Constitutional Court and and appeal against the decision of the Supreme Council on his removal, and the judgment of the Constitutional Court will be final and without appeal,” he added.

To the comment of the journalist that none of the four reasons found in the Constitution of Ukraine on which Yanukovych has been ousted, had not been followed, Poroshenko said:

“And who has given you the right to interpret my Constitution? You, dear Andrei, or you, dear Mister Putin, who has given you the right to interpret our Constitution?.. Your opinion as a citizen of your country on who should be the president of my country, does not interest me, in the same way as a citizen of Russia is not interested by an opinion of some citizen of Canada, or Australia, or Papua New Guinea. That's none of your business,” he concluded.

We remind that on May 23, Russian president Vladimir Putin stated that Viktor Yanukovych remains the legitimate president of Ukraine.