21 January 2018, Sunday, 17:27

Attempt to charge Statkevich with “Shawshank redemption”

Mikola Statkevich, a political prisoner, has informed from prison that jailers tried to charge him with essaying an escape through a manhole made by him.

Radio Svaboda has been told about that by the wife of the political prisoner Maryna Adamovich.

“He has written about an impossible thing. They tried to accuse him of an attempt to make a hole in the wall and flee. And as he had described, his cell’s windows overlook the interior court of the prison, where they are taken out to walks! And it all started when a newspaper was placed somewhere on the wall, and it caused suspicion he was going to make a hole under that newspaper. They have obviously watched too many films like The Shawshank Redemption. But in our situation such stupid things turn out to be serious things. He is categorizes as a prisoner who is allegedly escape-prone, so there could be some negative consequences for him because of that. That is why I am waiting for reports with anxiety: will this craze stop or will they do something.”

In addition, Mikola Statkevich wrote that as long as Maholyou region has transited from analog to digital television, only three TV channels are left in prison: ONT, BT-1 and a Russian TV channel RTR. STV and BT-2 have been sacrificed. In this way, as Mikola Statkevich believes, owners of analog TV sets, mostly elderly people, have now no access to regional news.

“They have programs of Russian TV instead of them now,” Maryna Adamovich noted.