21 January 2018, Sunday, 7:29

Maryna Adamovich: I don't believe Statkevich can be amnestied

The wife of political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich is happy with the release of Ales Bialiatski, but doesn't count on the release of her husband.

Maryna Adamovich said it to Radio Racyja.

“I don't even think about it. They chose the amnesty to release Ales Bialiatski. But it could be expected, because his offence was included in the list of offences covered by the amnesty. As for Mikalai Statevich, they are repeating their incantations every month that he will be freed if he applies for a pardon,” she says.

Maryna Adamovich recently talked to her husband on the phone and discussed the upcoming presidential election.

“Mikalai's latest letter was rather acute. I have received it, but haven't made it public yet,” she said. “Hope is the last to die, but I have no hopes that Mikalai Statkevich will be amnestied.”

Former presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich was sentenced to 6 years allegedly for organising mass disorders on December 19, 2010. He denied the charges. Mikalai Statkevich serves his term in a high security prison in Mahilou.