21 January 2019, Monday, 13:45
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Political prisoner Lobau is finishing studies at penal colony

Eduard Lobau has received a welder’s qualification.

Radio Svaboda learnt the news from the political prisoner’s mother Maryna Lobava.

“It is rather a possible profession for the future, but there are still doubts, - she says. – You know, it is hard for a former political prisoner to find a job of even a janitor, leave alone welder. Look, how hard it was for some to find employment after having served an imprisonment term. First of all, there is a policy in Belarus that a former prisoner has big problems finding a job. Even more so, when they are surveiled by KGB and have been imprisoned for political reasons. In any case, I look at the situation with other political prisoner, with whom I spoke, - this is a very big problem”.

According to Maryna Lobava, her son is interested in military history and dreams of getting higher education. But the woman does not rule out that the acquired welder’s profession could come in handy too.

The Young Front activist Eduard Lobau was sentenced to 4 years on false charges for fighting passersby. Together with the organization’s leader Dzmitry Dashkievich he was detained a day before the presidential elections 2010. Activists and human rights defenders consider the fight, which led to the arrest of the oppositionists, a provocation of secret services.