14 December 2018, Friday, 21:13
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Andrea Wiktorin to head EU Delegation to Belarus

Andrea Wiktorin

German diplomat Andrea Wiktorin, who worked in Belarus in the early 2000s, will become a new head of the EU Delegation to Belarus.

The current head of the mission, Maira Mora, said it in an interview with tut.by.

“The agrement has been received. She is a German diplomat who currently serves as Germany's Ambassador to Latvia,” Mora said.

According to the diplomat, her term of office in Belarus expires on August 31. So, the new delegation head is expected to arrive in the country in September.

Andrea Wiktorin was born in Bonn in 1957. She joined the diplomatic service in 1989, worked in embassies of Germany in Estonia and the Netherlands. She was a Counsselor at Germany’s Embassy in Belarus in 2000-2003 and returned to Germany to work in the political directorate of the German MFA.

Wiktorin was Germany's Ambassador to Armenia in 2007-2009. She is the Ambassador of Germany to Latvia since 2012.