11 December 2018, Tuesday, 4:30
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I Do Not Want To Pursue Plain Village Idiot Lifestyle!


Belarusians are preparing for the March.

Today, on October 21, at 14-00, there will be the March of Disgruntled Belarusians 2.0 at Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk. The rally organizer – the Belarusian National Congress – calls on the Belarusians to take to the streets and express their protest against the new extortions, the increase of prices and communal bills, and finally insist on abolishing the scandalous decree on "parasites", as well as to stand up to the arbitrariness in the army.

Charter97.org readers comment on how the Belarusians are preparing for the rally.

I'm as the next man!

Not a supporter of revolutions!

I hold little brief for destruction!

I acclaim the development,

Constructive decisions!

But if they have hit a dead end with the "evolution"

And the freedom is only in our dreams? ...

Yes! Let the revolution break out!

Let the "system" be abolished!

Though it is anxious and scary –


I know! And it is important:


"It’s enough to be afraid, it's time to resist!!!"

"That's it – we are to learn the unity and solidarity from the Ukrainians. I remember when the Maidan was fighting – people from all over Ukraine were bringing money and everything necessary for the struggle, villages, small towns were raising funds and bringing them to the Maidan ... Because ALL the people had the desire to bring an end to Yanukovych’s criminal gang and obtain Freedom, the way to Europe. A lot of people were not afraid for their lives, because that could hardly be called a life ... Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes (to Heavenly Hundred)! Long Live Belarus!"

"People, wake up! Or we'll sleep away our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren."

"Two not exceptional cases are the evidence that the people are waking up and started to unite. At least in terms of solidarity. They are the boy's disappearance in Pushcha and the soldier’s death in Pechy. Children had disappeared before. And soldiers had died. Friends are surprised by the reaction of the people. All that had happened before, but here everyone united over the tragedy. People started to express their opinion about hazing. Other cases came to light. Because it has become impossible to live. Everything is just driving mad. A lot of people do not have enough money even for the cheapest food."

"We are a force together!"

"We won’t get intimidated, or get deceived like plain village idiots.

We have woken up, we have recovered consciousness.

We’ve wasted a lot of time, but now we are fed up.

Our nerves are tense with indignation.

We’ll stand shoulder to shoulder, we’ll be a force.

For you, Lukashists, it will be the end and the grave.

Belarusians must be brothers and friends to one another.

Lukashists, you’ll be damned by all the people.

The whole world is moving towards progress and happiness.

And Lukashists lead us to death, to ill fortune.

We will take to the streets on the 21st and will be strong.

Brother to Brother –we‘ll be a family.

Our dream is to be free in our own home.

Our people have suffered enough.

Therefore, we all must get united to put down the tyrant.

Belarus has to be set free from this jerkoff."

"After the change of power, let’s make all the officials, regardless of their rank, live on the allowance, equivalent to the current pensions. Let’s cancel all the benefits for them, impose a sumptuary tax, and send some of them to prison. They have to get a deserved punishment for their inactivity. For violation of the Constitution – a life sentence. We have to stop playing games. They should be treated the same way they treat the people. With no mercy. Let’s meet at the squares of our cities and villages on October 21. And we mustn’t stop until we win."

"10/21/2017. March to Drazdy!"

"Lukashism is doomed. Almost everybody understands this. A little earlier or a little bit later, we will witness dozens of Lukashists to be publicly judged. These trials will last long, watching them will be very pleasant. And the life will gradually improve. We are people after all. "

"I declare a big subbotnik at Kastrychnitskaya, I'll take rakes and pitchforks, let’s tidy up in our country!"

"It's time to get back what belongs to us!"

"We must join the March to throw down these slimebags."

"Mothers! Let's unite to save our boys! Otherwise these scoundrel will kill our children."

"And what does it have to do with the Decree number 3?! Well, they might cancel it and come up with numbers 4, 5, 6 – even more inadequate than number 3! We must demand only one thing –Lukashenka's resignation! It is obvious to everyone that a common village boy has long been self-indulgent and is completely out of line, thinks of himself as a sort of a king, has appointed his oprichniks everywhere and rules with no code! This man has ruined the country’s economy, destroyed the power system, making it in fact unipersonal, indulged in immorality and lost the last remnants of shame, conscience and honor! So what decree are you talking about?!!! It's obvious to everyone that there must be just one demand – Lukashenka’s unconditional resignation!"

"The tension in social networks shows that there will not be a march of disgruntled Belarusians, but a march of infuriated Belarusians!"

"Only the Maidan!"