21 June 2018, Thursday, 0:09

Minsker Struggles Against Asmalouka Demolition By Means Of Creativity


Uladzimir Maliauka used creative approach to the defense of the "heart of capital."

Minsker Uladzimir Maliauka published on his Facebook page a concept and a visualization of a logo for the Asmalouka neighbourhood, which the authorities are once again trying to take down, citydog.by writes.

For reference: Asmalouka is a district of Minsk located behind the Opera Theatre, which was built just after the war. Its uniqueness is in the fact that the first buildings of the typical development, which was later used in many republics of the USSR, remain there. The neighborhood lived, grew old, but remained as atmospheric and green as ever.

On June 23, a public discussion of the project of detailed planning of the territories of the streets Staravilenskaya - Kiseliou - Kuibyshau – Kamunistychnaya will take place. Simply put, it’s the territory which is to replace Asmalouka, that falls within the boundaries of the space.

- I've been monitoring the situation with Asmalouka ever since there appeared rumors about its demolition, - Uladzimir Maliauka says. - A spontaneous idea of the logo came a few days ago, I sat and thought, what useful I could do in order to draw public attention to the issue of the demolition of this wonderful neighborhood.

I don’t have enough knowledge about the neighborhood for making a tour, a message in defense of Asmalouka would simply get lost in the the vastness of the Belarusian Internet, so I decided to address to my professional field and to implement the idea through it. Thus the idea of "Osmolovka - one love” was born.

– My concept is based on one thing – love, the love to the Asmalouka neighbourhood (osmo love ka, осмо love ка, асма love ka), – Uladzimir clarifies. – The content inside the hearts may change depending on the task. Besides, the heart on the T-shirt is located anatomically correctly.

– Do you plan to realize it?

– I would stand for it being realized. Eco-bags, T-shirts, notebooks, badges. If someone wants to see the logo on some non-traditional carrier, for example, on a passport cover or on a smartphone case – why not? I will only rejoice. However, we need to ask the Asmalouka residents first, whether they are ready to accept this.

– Uladzimir, do you think they will demolish Asmalouka in the end or not?

– Two contradicitions are struggling inside of me: looking at the whole situation from the rationalist’s point of view – 99% they will ruin it, having ignored all the demands, petitions, letters and ideas. As this is what they always do.

However, if every day brings more and more informational occasions dedicated to the Asmalouka preserving theme, we will come into history as people, who, however rough it may sound, protected their neighbourhood.