18 June 2019, Tuesday, 21:01
We are in the same boat

Maryna Adamovich: Lukashenka Is Simply Afraid


As things currently stand, the reaction of the Belarusians is important.

The human rights activist, wife of one of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress Mikalai Statkevich Maryna Adamovich said about this commenting on the blocking of the site Charter.org in Belarus:

– Obviously, blocking of the Charter-97 website is a continuation of the campaign started by the authorities, which are trying to regain the lost information field. I am sure that both the personnel reshuffle in the state media and the blocking of the site Charter.org are links of one chain.

Lukashenka, facing tough times now, has decided to start a war against the media. He is trying to take people's thoughts under full control. Сharter97.org is an absolutely independent site, as its editorial staff is located outside Belarus. Therefore, the site can afford to be more free compared to other independent media. The blocking of Charter97.org is a blow to democracy and an indicator of Lukashenka's fear of protests that can erupt again in our country.

My personal opinion and attitude to the situation - friends need to be supported always and everywhere.

As things currently stand, the reaction of the Belarusians is important. Individual and collective appeals of people to the authorities are needed. But knowing how the authorities react to our demands, an important step is to spread information about how to bypass the blocking of the Charter.org site. Blocking should not decrease the audience of the independent site, but on the contrary, it should be the reason to go to Сharter97.org once again. Install programs that help to bypass the blocking, spread information about this on social networks.

Do not give up, we are with you!